Sometimes being the “perfect” mother means taking a step back and seeing yourself from the eyes of your child.

Four Simple Words

Sometimes being the “perfect” mother means taking a step back and seeing yourself from the eyes of your child.

What is your mothering storyline?

Choose Your Own Adventure

Motherhood could be the greatest adventure of all! But who really decides what your adventure will be? How will your story end? What is your mothering storyline? Author Mary Jenkins shares how she discovered her story is different from every other mother’s.


Book Summary: Happiness is a Habit

When I first picked up this book I thought it would be all about how I need to do more, be more, add in new goals to my already busy life. What it really has done is open my eyes to just how much daily habits can make a difference in our lives, for better or for worse.

Book Summary: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After is the recently released book by Trista Sutter, who is most widely known for her role on the television show The Bachelor and as the original Bachelorette. This book really opened my eyes to what true gratitude is–that developing a grateful heart has more to do with our perspectives and how we choose to see things.

Book Summary: Showing Heart

Showing Heart is the emotional retelling of a family’s journey through adversity and it is full of so many great messages for mothers. It reminded me that through trials and hardship a family can grow and bond together.

Instant Mom Image

Book Summary: Instant Mom

With both wit and raw emotion, Nia Vardalos, writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, opens up about her 10-year struggle with infertility and her journey to becoming a mother via adoption.


Book Summary: Being The Mom

In Being the Mom: 10 Coping Strategies I Learned by Accident Because I Had Children on Purpose, author Emily Watts shares 10 coping strategies she’s found along her journey. It is a quick, light read, full of stories and lessons all moms–from the new mom to the grandmom and everyone in between–can benefit from.


Book Summary: Miracles and Moments of Grace (we’re giving away 5 copies!)

Miracles and Moments of Grace is a compilation of stories from women of all walks of life who all have something in common: they are all mothers. The author, Nancy Kennedy, has done a beautiful job at recording and collecting stories of hope, love, hardship, joy, worry, or as we could simply say, motherhood. We’re giving away 5 copies!