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Stop, Sit, and Play

Would you categorize yourself as a “to-do” mommy? Are you motivated to accomplish one more check mark on that never-ending to do list? Here are some ideas to help you add a bit of fun and spontaneity to life when your children want to Stop, Sit and PLAY!



Do you ever wish you had your own personal cheerleader as a mother? Someone to cheer you on when you seem to be losing the daily battle? Learning to pat yourself on the back when no one else does is a hard, and much needed task, for any mother. In her article, “WOW MOM” Power of Moms Author Elsje Denison shows how putting a little more “WOW” into our daily lives can help us progress in our goals of motherhood.


Discovering the Super Mom In Me

With as many times as we mess up in a day, sometimes it’s hard to believe we can be super. But as we dig a little deeper, we find the superpowers of motherhood that can conquer the world…or at least save the day.

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Mercy in the Moment

As a mother, it is easy for me to expect my kids to own their behavior and find the willpower to change it. Many times that should certainly be the case. But it is also important for me to remember that often their bad behavior has a cause, or multiple causes, and I very well could have a hand in the conditions they are experiencing, along with the resulting behavior.


We’re Singing in the Rain!

It’s great to plan a family trip when everything goes well and everyone has a good time, but when things start to fall apart, it becomes an adventure! “Our trip became one of the weaving moments of the fabric of our family, and hopefully we taught our children that when it rains, you sing.”

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Apples, Oranges, Bananas

Do you ever feel like as a mother you fall into the trap of the “compare snare?” It is so easy to look at others and feel like we don’t measure up or ought to be doing something more. How can we identify our unique mothering qualities to make our family better?

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Lessons from PBJ

It was like watching the clouds changing shapes in the sky. Our sandwiches were always changing into some other form: a dinosaur, a mountain, the state of Alaska. Years later, I recall the experience and I am filled with nostalgia as I realize my mother was always teaching us how to see a new shape and take on a new form. She is still at work.

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Mommy Detective

Do you find yourself wanting for more conversation (or any conversation!) with your children when you ask the typical, “How was your day?” Find out how a few new sleuthing skills can enliven your relationships with your family.