Book Summary: Bullied

We live in a society where bullying has become one of the top concerns of parents and educators. Katherine Mayfield’s book “Bullied” isn’t just a book to talk about the face of bullying, but also a user manual for kids and adults that are placed in that situation.

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When Things Aren’t OK

I’m tired of this being a lonely battle. I know there are other moms out there whose kids face anxiety and depression. And I think that it is time for more understanding about the seriousness and complexity of mental illness.

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Will It Be You?

As a mother of teens in a society full of pressure and pain, it has always been so important for me to feel like my kids can come to me with any problem and we can work it out together. Recently I’ve been led to wonder if I have really done enough to position myself as the first one my teen would come to with a serious problem.

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My Plan To Not Be Perfect

Have you ever dropped off your children for school in your pajamas? Many mothers think that being a good mother is a portrayal of perfection. Taunie Reynolds describes how her shortcomings can create moments of teaching and learning.

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Patience Is An Action Word

We all know patience is a virtue, but how many of us know what patience really is? I think there is a major misconception that patience is a passive word. However, the older I get the more I realize there is nothing passive about patience.