Is screen time scream time at your house?

The Screen Time Dialogue

Are you ever baffled by your child’s obsession with screens, phones, or video games? Dawn Wessman models a child-lead discussion that eliminated battles, improved her son’s mood, increased learning and activity level, as well as deepened their relationship.

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You’re Not Mean, You’re Stressed

I was attending my first Power of Moms Retreat! Would I find answers to the question:Why am I a mean mom and what can I do to stop? The idea hit my mind. The idea was this: I’m not mean. I’m stressed! This discovery has helped changed my life.

Helen Keller at age 8 with her tutor Anne Sullivan on vacation in Brewster, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, taken July 1888. Photo source: New England Historic Genealogical Society

To Have Sight and No Vision

Having sight but no vision, or living in a world of negativity, cripples the progress of the human soul. And mothering is all about souls. Below is wisdom, inspired by Helen Keller, debunking common myths that hold mothers back from embracing the power of optimism.

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Ninja Mom: My Six Favorite Resources at Power of Moms

Consider the similar skills necessary to be a mother and to be a ninja: focus, balance, strength, patience, flexibility, self-control…comfortable clothing. The Power of Moms provides me with some of the most useful resources to gain the skills I need to negotiate the martial art of mothering.

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If You Know Why, You Can Deal With How

Recently, I heard my baby make a muffled cry in his crib. I immediately felt the flood of angry emotion amp up my mind, mouth and muscles. I knew that my two-year-old, Mikey, had crawled into the crib with the baby and covered his face. When I walked in not only was Mikey in the baby’s crib, he was having a bounce-house moment as well.

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Darth Mom

Sometimes the example of my personal character is a little closer to Darth Vader that I’d like to admit. I am learning that progress is not perfection. There is no completely “perfect mom” or wholly bad “Darth Mom.” There is just me–the woman, the mom.

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Finding Your Own Pose

It’s an interesting vantage point, in yoga class, as we all stand on one foot, in a room full of other people standing on one foot. We are all beautiful but, in attempting our own “Mother Pose” we often stand alone. Dawn shares how to find your own unique pose.

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The Birthday Party Crucible

Let’s hypothetically say there’s a mom out there who struggles with patience. She decides to take on a stressful situation to develop MORE patience. Here is the experiment: a tea party themed birthday bash for a group of six-year-olds. And here are the results.

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Romance On Purpose

Nine years and four pregnancies after our wedding, I was wondering if red hot romance was something reserved for vampire movies, people who have dated less than a month, or cologne ads. I found out the truth about a year ago. Romance is not an accident.

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Who Stole My Cheese?

Two mice are running through a maze. They lace up their sneakers, follow their daily path to the cheese, and eat it up. But, what happens when the cheese has moved?

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Going on a Bear Hunt

Deep down I know I am mentally “checking out” and creating the very stress I want to avoid. I found some inspiration in the children’s book “Going on a Bear Hunt”. The idea is that in order to complete an adventure, we “can’t go over it, can’t go under it…gotta go through it!”

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Mother Pose

My first experience with a yoga balance (or pose) consisted of me wobbling on one foot inside a quiet room, desperately hoping the other 30 participants in the yoga class wouldn’t notice if I toppled over. “Don’t fall, don’t fall, don’t fall,” I ordered myself.Thud.