In which areas of your life do you need to say of your efforts, “It is enough?”

This Is Enough

Of course, it would be ideal to give our best every single day. But now I know that today’s best is different from yesterday’s best. And some days I’ll admit that I am not even giving my best. But I am still giving. And that is enough.

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.

Keeping It Clean

Tired of begging, nagging, and threatening your kids to clean up? Read these creative suggestions from Danielle Porter to make clean-up time fun!


Special Time

With the new school year looming, I found myself mourning the long hours my older daughters would spend away from home. I knew I wanted to set aside time in order to have meaningful interaction with my children, but what? Soon, with a little help, the idea of “Special Time” was born: a simple 15 minutes a day, one daughter at a time.

Look what is this

Two Keys to Everyday Patience

“Somewhere between the early morning feedings and the endless toy room clean-ups, I’ve decided to find a way to enjoy these patience-promoting experiences, or at least most of them!” Join author Danielle Porter as she explains the difference between “everyday patience” and “mothering patience.”


Enough for Today

Do you know your children in a way that no one else does? Author Danielle Taylor Porter describes one such moment with her daughter that “filled her up” after an extremely draining day.


Kid’s Day

Step into their world. See it through their eyes. Leave your “to-do” list behind. Author Danielle Taylor Porter declares “Kids’ Day” a family holiday.

Danielle Porter balance

Plans and Seasons

Have you ever watched a gymnast perform the daunting task of a balance beam routine? The skill, precision and strength required to complete the task can be overwhelming. Please join author Danielle Porter as she shares how having plans and remembering the different phases of life can help us find balance in our lives.


Book Summary: Mommy Mantras

As any mother who has made a wise choice in a tense moment can recall, the confident feeling that follows is priceless.This book teaches how thoughts directly determine our actions; mantras can uplift our thoughts and allow us to act wisely.