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6 Steps to Making Family Service a Success

As we get into the holidays, many families are looking for service opportunities. Chantelle Adams regularly does service with her family and has some simple ideas to help you engage in meaningful service activities as a family. Decide on a need.  Take a look around you, read the newspapers, be aware of things that are […]

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The Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness: A New Family Tradition

Every year our family does the 12 Days of Christmas. We choose a family that is in need of some added Christmas cheer and we secretly deliver gifts every night before Christmas.As much as I love this tradition, and highly recommend it to your family, I really want to add more giving in simple ways to our Christmas season.

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Take Time to Enjoy the Sunshine

There is a delicate balance between getting things done and taking time to enjoy the little things that make life grand. How fleeting these moments are! I let one slip by and sure enough, my heart broke.

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May Make A Difference Challenge: Mother’s Day

When I think about Mother’s Day I also think of all the amazing women who have a mother’s heart but have never had the opportunity to raise their own children. Every mother and woman needs to know that what they do matters and that is the reason for this month’s challenge.