Book Summary: Good Pictures Bad Pictures (with a giveaway!)

No one likes to talk about pornography. No one wants to talk about pornography. But Jenson and Poyner’s book resolved my feelings of fear connected with this difficult subject, and replaced them with a feeling of empowerment. For the first time, I feel confident talking about pornography with my kids.

The magic of childhood. How do you make it last, respect it, and hold on to it?

Why We Should Nurture Wonder

The magic of childhood. How do you make it last, respect it, and hold on to it? By observing, engaging, and nurturing our children’s imaginations, not only can we preserve the magic, we can participate in it.

Climbing 1

Spiritual Sundays: Climbing Mother

Motherhood reveals a person inside you didn’t know was there. One that scares you some days. But mostly, one that is stronger, steadier, more compassionate. One that knows sacrifice. One that knows real needs. One that knows a love impossible to describe.


Favorite Children’s Books from 2013

Looking for some fantastic books to share with your children? There were a number of excellent picture books published in 2013. Catherine Arveseth’s list this year includes some old books, some new-ish, and a bunch that are brand new.


I See the Moon

I’m fading fast. So I leave the computer and head upstairs to my twin girls’ bedroom. I turn the door quietly and return a lost doll to her cradle. As I pull Ali’s covers over her, I notice the moonlight, liquid blue, rolling in waves across her hands. I flick the blind slats and peer through the window to find the source, big and beaming, sailing over the mountain, illuminating the clouds below.


I Talk To the Trees

When I was young my Dad would sing this little tune – usually to the background of six kids banging utensils, crashing toys, yelling and chasing each other round the house while one of us wheeled through the kitchen on roller skates: “I talk to the treeeees…. but they don’t listen to me.”

Go Gently 16

Go Gently

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to go gently, speak gently, do more things gently, as a mother. Our responses determine the climate of a relationship, of a home.

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Say Yes

I’ve realized that sometimes I say no without even thinking I could say yes. So the past few months, I’ve been trying say yes more – even though Children + Yes = More Mess.