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Getting Kids To Listen

Are you having trouble getting your kids to listen? Adina Socolf knows you can’t make children listen…but you can help them learn.


Passover Prep…with Kids

As part of the preparation for Passover, most Jewish families do a thorough cleaning of their homes. Even if you don’t celebrate Passover, you won’t want to miss author Adina Soclof’s five tips for encouraging children to help around the house and prepare for holiday festivities.


Spiritual Sundays: Looking for the Good

Jewish tradition has always reinforced this concept that G-d is good, his ways are good, and his creations are good. It seems that we are supposed to constantly remind ourselves of this as a basic principle of Judaism. Can we apply this concept of looking for the good when we parent?

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Saying Little, Doing Much

Lecturing and moralizing (i.e. talking a lot) does not help our kids improve their behavior. A short statement of our beliefs and then silence can do all the teaching we need. We can even use just one word to help us get our point across.