April Make a Difference Challenge: Spread Spring Sunshine

photo courtesy of Chantelle Adams

The sun is shining and signs of spring are popping up all over the place. After a long winter the cabin fever it brings, it is always so wonderful to send the kids outside to play and enjoy the fresh air.

While enjoying the freshness of spring, we have begun doing yard work and spring cleaning. The kids are so good at helping and this is a great opportunity for them to learn the value of work. They are all part of a team in a family and it is important for them to pitch in and help where they can.

Often we think of helping to shovel someone’s driveway in the winter, but we haven’t always thought of helping to do the spring yard clean up, until now. We have many elderly people living on our street and while pulling our own weeds, we have seen the need to help and assist others in this effort as well.

What a wonderful way to spend a spring afternoon this month: giving someone a hand to spruce up their yard and in the meantime building strong and lasting friendships with those around you.

When I was a little girl, I started a secret service club and remember one of our secret service ideas was to rake up the pruning in an elderly neighbor’s yard. It was so fun trying to sneak around the yard armed with rakes, giggling all the way! We did end up getting caught (which isn’t hard to believe with ten young girls running around the yard). This wonderful couple came up with a plate of cookies and milk for us and said how happy they were that we had come to help them. It is such a fond memory because we knew we were helping and that our work was appreciated. I want to give my children the opportunity to create similar memories!

Make a Difference Challenge:

Gather all the supplies you need to do yard work:
• Shovels
• Pails
• Rakes
• Gloves
• Wheel Barrow
• And Lots of Helping Hands

Then just have fun working and playing in the dirt to brighten someone’s day by brightening up their yard!

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