An Attitude of Gratitude – Episode 18

In this podcast episode, Caryn Payzant and Sara Sahagun discuss ways that we can keep an attitude of gratitude and teach our children about being grateful. Sara is a caring mother of three who recently experienced the loss of her husband. She gives wonderful advice about being grateful for what she has. Sara says, “Gratitude means focusing on the things that are good in your life.” And she gives us examples of how she does it: “An attitude of gratitude allows other people to help you.”  Also, “Children learn an attitude of gratitude by your example”.

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  1. Amie White says

    Thank you. I listened and felt the power of a God centered life. I was in the ER with my two year old last night. He had to have a quarter surgically removed. As hard as that was, I could feel God’s mindfulness of me, us, my little guy… Focusing on gratitude changes everything. Even in the middle of a mess (literally, spiritually or whatever!)
    Keep up the great work Moms! We have THE best JOB EVER!!!

  2. Mom4Life says

    Bless you for being faithful to God’s call on your life and for yielding yourself to be used by him. I was blessed to hear your story. I am so sorry for your loss ((hugs))

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