After-School Routine

The Loosli Family After-School Routine

Using the comment section below, please share how you involve your children in laundry and the laundry routines that work in your house.

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  1. says

    I love it! My oldest starts school later this month and I’ll definitely use some of these ideas. I loved the questions. They are so much better than the usual “what did you do today?”.

    Laundry: My oldest is four and she helps separate light and dark loads, and usually turns off the machine and empties it into a basket when it’s finished. She often helps hand me pegs when I hang washing out. And she always has to put away her own clothes when dried and folded. This will change somewhat when she starts school and isn’t home all day, but right now it works really well.

  2. Chantelle Adams says

    Love this video! Your kids are so sweet:) Everyone usually just ‘hangs out’ and chats, but then everyone heads off and plays. When it is time for homework later I always find it hard to drag them back and it is usually a bit of a fight. I love the idea of a healthy snack right when they get home, and having everyone together around the table to work and to share… such a wonderful way to connect. Thank you for being such a great inspiration!

  3. Jennifer Jensen says

    I saw this video on your blog last week and after my kids got home from school I showed them the video. Right after the video we went into the kitchen for their after school snack and did the exact routine as the video showed (with the questions and all). Since then we’ve been doing this routine everyday and it’s been so much easier. Before I thought it would be better to give them a break and then start on homework shortly after, I found it was much more of a fight to get them back to do any school work after their short break. I also think my kids were so impressed watching how other kids just did it.

    Later that evening my daughter came to me and said how the kids were just so good and how the one boy even said, “I’ll go get my homework.”

    I think it’s inspiring for children to watch other children do things that they all do. Thanks for the videos, I can’t wait to show them more!

  4. ziff130 says

    I love this!! My kids virtual school so our routine is a bit different but we need to incorporate some of your ideas (mainly the questions) but with a slightly modified routine.

  5. Heather says

    That is really cool, that you take that time to be with your children. I struggle a lot to find the right time to sit down with my children. I find myself getting overwhelmed way to much. And it would help greatly if my home were in order too. Thank you for posting what you do. It has been very helpful.

  6. janefletcher says

    Love this, as always! Often motivational speakers encourage finding a mentor. The Eyre family are my mentors…hope they don’t mind :)

  7. S. says

    I too love these ideas. I’m really curious about what happens in the moments before the video. Are your kids expected to walk in the house and go straight to the table? At our house everyone jumps out of the car, scrambles into the house, stuff gets dropped, and people scatter. I would love to change this!

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