Our Board of Moms and Advisory Board

Power of Moms started small and co-founders, April and Saren, could take care of what needed to be done during their kids’ nap times. But it’s grown into something much larger, more far-reaching, and meaningful than April and Saren could have imagined. Many wonderful moms have stepped forward to help in this cause of empowering and inspiring mothers and Power of Moms is now run by a board of 30 volunteer moms who handle different aspects of the website as well as April and Saren who continue to direct this organization.

The most recent board picture (2015)

The most recent board picture (2015)


(Most of) the board  in 2014

Board Members 2013

About half of the Board of Moms who run Power of Moms in 2013

The board in 2011


Following is information on all the moms who help run Power of Moms:

General Management

Saren Eyre Loosli, Executive Director

IMG_1385Saren and her husband, Jared, had five kids in five years, which wasn’t exactly planned. In fact, Saren has learned that very little about motherhood (or life in general) goes exactly as planned! Despite her control-freakish nature, she’s learning to exemplify her name more (Saren comes from the word “serendipity” which means “when, through sagacity, one finds something better than what one planned for”).

After growing up all over the place (Washington DC, London, Salt Lake City, Mexico, Japan, Boston), Saren graduated from Wellesley College and Harvard, spent 18 months doing service work in Eastern Europe, and conducted regional conferences for educators and designed curriculum for schools and preschools. While motherhood is now her primary pursuit, she also runs some programs at her kids’ school and operates a little preschool curriculum company (The Joy School Company) as well as Power of Moms. Yes, she’s a girl who has trouble saying “no.”  She often struggles with balance but finds joy (and stress!) in being involved in many pursuits that help her make contributions to the larger world as well as her little world at home.

When she’s not trying to answer five different needs and questions at once, Saren loves reading, writing, and running as well as traveling, hiking and biking with her family. The Loosli family lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, then in St. George, UT for a few years and now Ogden, UT is their home.

For more information, visit Saren’s blog: Five Kids in Five Years.  For information on what led Saren to Power of Moms, click here.


April Perry, Executive Director

PerryFamily2014April Perry is a Co-Director here at Power of Moms and Co-Host of Power of Moms Radio. Her husband, Eric, and her children, Alia, Grace, Ethan, and Spencer, are her very best friends, and while she absolutely loves the work she does within this community, she knows that the time she spends with them is what matters most. April loves reading, writing, organizing, napping, and dancing in the kitchen with her family. She is the creator of the “Mind Organization for Moms” program, Co-Author of “Deliberate Motherhood” and “Motherhood Realized,” and a blogger at Power of a Family.


Website Logistics and Content Management

Allyson Reynolds, Motherhood Matters Blog Director

Allyson is the mother of four children, Kate, Will, Elizabeth, and Rachael. She has lived 27 of her 30 something years in the Midwest (Iowa and Illinois), but has also lived in San Diego, Florida, Utah, Japan and Los Angeles. She and her husband, Brandon, recently moved from his childhood home near Los Angeles to the rather uncharted territory of Utah.

Allyson earned a B.A. in family science from Brigham Young University and met her husband while living in Sendai, Japan as a missionary. When she can get a little “me time” (what’s that?) she enjoys reading and blogging, the great outdoors, cooking, digital scrapbooking, getting things done, living like a tourist, and date nights with her husband.

Surviving nine years of her husband’s medical training in Iowa while raising their first three children provided many award-winning memories such as shoveling snow and cutting grass with a baby on her back, and cleaning out the gutters on the roof of their house while pregnant. For her, the hardest part of motherhood is finding balance—and not just on the roof. She loves being a mom the most when she finds that “sweet spot” between getting things done and letting the less important things go so she can be in the moment before the moment is gone. For her, snuggling up with her kids and a good book is pure bliss. Allyson blogs at A Day in the Life.


Catherine Arveseth, Motherhood Matters Author

EI3C9773 copyFive children in four years, including two sets of twins, was a surprising life twist for Catherine after wading through years of infertility. Managing life with five children so close in age has been a challenge but she and her husband, Doug, see their family explosion as a miracle, a dream come true. Catherine has a degree in exercise physiology, a minor in creative writing, and writes for several publications including Power of Moms, Segullah, and Meridian Magazine. She finds a busy family life most rewarding when she focuses on relationships, laughing easily, and cultivating gratitude. Motherhood has turned her into a night owl, simply to preserve a sense of self and sanity (and keep the laundry moving). When not washing something or someone, she loves running the local canyon, reading, writing, and makes a mean dish of homemade mac and cheese. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and blogs at Wild and Precious.


Koni Smith, Communications Manager and Administrative Assistant

Koni and her family of an amazing husband and five boys and one girl have lived “from sea to shining sea” – California, Virginia, and now Utah.  She misses the green and beauty of the East, but has learned to be content wherever she is.  Koni’s favorite part of being a mom is hearing her kids laugh.  Having a 2 year old helps balance out the craziness and stress of having three teenagers in the house.  What is different about being a mother than what she thought as a child? “I realize now that my mom knew WAY more than I ever gave her credit for.” Koni is our Communications Manager: she either responds to the “Contact Us” emails, or figures out whom they go to. She’s also an assistant to April and Saren. She does whatever they ask her to do!


Alisha Gale, Content Director

a1 (2)Alisha and her husband live in southern California with their three daughters and two sons. She and her husband both have degrees in philosophy; they met while working as editors for their university’s undergraduate philosophy journal. (It was much more thrilling than it sounds.) As content director, she chooses and schedules our daily features and manages the editing team. She finds that her position as content director perfectly dovetails her two primary passions: mothering, and ensuring the Internet does not obliterate proper English grammar and punctuation. She indulges her third passion, pie-making, to such an extent that her children have been known to complain about having to eat pie too often! (She can’t understand it, either.) She shamelessly uses Google when she gets stuck on The New York Times crossword puzzle and enjoys reading and ballet. She does NOT enjoy running, but thanks to a bet she lost, she runs regularly anyway.


 Elsje Denison, Author Liaison, Content Editor

How do you say that?” Elsje (Elsha), named after her Dutch mother, lives by the creed, “Life is what you make it.” Never fully satisfied unless all the plates are spinning, she enjoys being involved and busy. Her number one credential is her amazing best friend and husband, Jay. After meeting in a small town two-year college, they embarked on a lifetime adventure. Their greatest accomplishments are three busy boys.

Elsje received her bachelor’s degree at Utah State University in family and consumer science education with a music minor. Always a teacher at heart, she enjoys using her education in her job as a mother as well as teaching music lessons.

Her family spent the last few years living in Maryland and Texas, and has recently returned to the land of her nativity, Utah. Although she has recently come to the realization and acceptance that she fails at being a domestic diva, she is secure in her love of travel, running, hiking, writing, reading, gardening, and basking in the sunshine.


Anna Jenkins, Publications Director, Gift Coordinator

annajenkinsPOM (2)

Anna is our resident grandma with two grandsons (so far, but stay tuned for eventual updates) and two amazing daughters—one, the mother of her grandsons, and the other, soon-to-be married. Anna and her husband love calling North Carolina home. A part-time job managing the local performing arts center box office keeps her occupied part of the time, when she isn‘t doing her Power of Moms work–which isn‘t really work! Anna is working on becoming an awesome “Neena” to her grandkids and she also hopes to help her daughters become great moms and exposes them to Power of Moms as often as she can. She says, “I really wish I could have had access to this incredible resource and support system when I was a young mom, but I am glad I can share it with my girls now!” A 1980 graduate from Brigham Young University with a B.S. in Home and Family Development, Anna also enjoys de-junking/organizing, and going to the beach. Along with serving on our board, she serves on her county Smart Start board, an organization which provides programs and resources for kindergarten readiness for  children ages birth to 5 years.   She is a regular contributor on a recipe blog that she and two of her sisters started, along with several other foodies. You can follow them at Mormon Mavens.


Julie Finlayson, Graphic Designer

april 2 14 photoJulie and her husband have been married since 1991 and have five children whom they have home-schooled since, well, forever.  A native Southerner, Julie convinced her Southern California husband to settle down in her hometown in North Carolina.  Suffering from a sometimes annoying, sometimes helpful case of ADD, Julie enjoys a variety of hobbies: gardening, cake decorating, model trains, cooking, recipe blogging, daydreaming about being able to play the fiddle someday, singing (alone…in the car), collecting pins on Pinterest (the one who dies with the most pins wins, right?), photography, reading, crafting, sewing, napping, dancing (alone…when no one is looking), and graphic design.  She has enjoyed her recent creative work with Power of Moms as it has allowed her to spend time on another hobby, playing around in Photoshop to create images for the Power of Moms website and Pinterest account.

Julie graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s degree in family science. She has volunteered many times to help organizations with graphics needs and to serve as webmaster.  Someday, Julie hopes to complete a few items from her bucket list including visiting Greece, successfully mastering the yoga crane pose, and flying first class.

 Tanisha DuBransky, Content Editor

Fam SmallTanisha thought that the Fall of 2008 (when she got married, began a full course load in a doctoral program, and started teaching two new classes at separate institutions) was the most challenging and rewarding season of her life. Then she entered motherhood. The trials and blessings of managing family, work, and graduate school sparked an interest in integrating her passions: marriage, family, and higher education. This merger developed into a desire to discover how women manage their multiple roles and culminated with a Ph.D. dissertation on the topic.  At Power of Moms, Tanisha helps with editing essay submissions from mothers like you. She lives with her husband and two sons in Southern California. She enjoys research, creating new recipes, and managing her own business, DuBransky Editorial Services.


Becky Fawcett, Content Editor

When Becky became a mom in August of 2012, people began asking her what her hobbies were. She struggled to know how to answer this question because she had spent the last ten years of her life studying writing and editing and then working in that field. During that time she hadn’t learned to crochet or scrapbook or any of the other typical hobbies. She had been writing and editing.

After a few months of being a mother and trying to answer that question, she realized that her interests hadn’t changed: she still likes to write and edit. As an editor for Power of Moms, Becky has found an outlet for this passion that to others seems more like dreadful homework than a hobby!

Becky grew up running free in the mountains of southwestern Colorado, but now lives in a small community outside of Tooele, Utah with her husband Corlan. She enjoys watching her baby grow, making and eating cookies, and being outdoors—all other hobbies of hers!

Amanda Lewis, Content Editor

Amanda LewisAmanda Lewis lives with her husband and two daughters (ages 2 and 1) in a small Utah town. She enjoys being outside with her kids, baking and cooking, and—surprise!—writing and editing.

She received a B.A. in English Language and a minor in editing from BYU and worked full-time as an editor before “retiring” to stay home with her kids. Motherhood is definitely her most challenging adventure yet, but also the most stimulating and rewarding! She loves getting energy and ideas from the Power of Moms community.

Aubrey Degn, Content Editor

Aubrey lives with her husband and two children in a small town in Utah. A native Texan, she is still trying to adjust to the idea of winter lasting approximately six months, or so it seems. Aubrey graduated with a B.S. in sports medicine, which she now uses to fix “owies” and to live vicariously through her husband, who is a firefighter/paramedic. She also served a mission for her church in Chile and taught Spanish for a while after she returned. Before having her son, Aubrey worked for several years in student services for a university distance learning program. She has quickly learned that most of her tried-and-true tactics for calming frantic students do not translate to the world of two-year-old tantrums.

Aubrey loves being a mother even though it has been her most challenging adventure yet. She loves to read, play pretend and be outside with her children. They have taught her to notice and appreciate the small things and to laugh more. In her free time, Aubrey likes to read voraciously, play the piano, exercise, and ride horses. She blogs at Read Listen Love.

Rachel Nielson, Final Editor

IMG_7394Rachel loves chocolate chip cookies, birthday surprises, and a handsome man named Ryan. She taught high school English for five years before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom after she and her husband adopted their son, Noah Atticus, in August of 2011.  Baby #2 (a girl!) will join their family in August of 2014.

When Rachel is not chasing Noah around the house, she writes about motherhood, adoption, and the ups of downs of daily life both on her personal blog and for the Power of Moms.  Nothing gives her more satisfaction than capturing in words the deepest feelings of her heart.

Before she became a stay-at-home mom, Rachel spent thousands of hours editing essays in her career as a high school English teacher, and she continues to use those skills in her work for Power of Moms.  As one of our Final Editors, Rachel corresponds with authors who have submitted their writing and with our team of editors to make sure that each article on the website is polished, clear, and concise.  She has learned much about motherhood from reading and editing these insightful, inspiring essays written by everyday mothers.

Sarah Monson, Final Editor

MonsonSarah and her husband, Brent, live in Houston, TX, with their 1-year-old son. She loves spending time outdoors, trying new foods (especially exotic chocolates), and tickling her toddler. Although not very coordinated or athletic, Sarah thinks that if getting a carload of groceries to a second-story apartment, changing dirty diapers, or cooking dinner with a toddler underfoot were Olympic events, she would do fairly well. She also knows some of her best competitors would be you!

Sarah grew up in West Los Angeles, served as a missionary in Durban, South Africa, and earned a B.A. from BYU in English teaching. She has taught 8th grade, worked as a technical writer for a web-based company, and is currently the resident editor/writing tutor for her extended family. Reading, writing, and discussing have always fueled her brain, and right now she actually has time to do these things because her son still takes two naps a day. (Keep it up, Kiddo!) She contributes to a blog about teaching in the home and loves being part of the Power of Moms community.

Rachelle Price, Photography Specialist

Rachelle lives in northern California with her husband and five children, ages 10, 8, 6 (twins), and 2. Rachelle is grateful for her bachelor’s degree in marriage, family and human development, as it has come in handy, but still wishes kids came with an instruction manual! She has had a photography business, but is not currently shooting. Rather, she’s enjoying her little ones while they are still at home.

Her favorite part of being a mom is the occasional, precious moments of serious connection with her kids. Whether it’s a lengthy conversation or giving a sincere compliment, those moments when your child looks in your eyes and you know you’ve connected are the best!

She has a passion for traditions and rituals that bind families together and identify who we are. Rachelle loves a good project, a thought-provoking book, and being with friends and family. She also enjoys reading, running, entertaining, traveling, and digital scrap booking. Her love of families and photography make her a perfect fit for our Picture Stories and Spotlight Manager.


Christy Elder, Radio Show and Video Editor

37_2Christy and her husband, Leif, are both Utah natives and currently have four GREAT, albeit rambunctious, children. Christy got her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in elementary education and taught fourth and sixth grade before switching careers to become a stay at home mom. She thinks teaching school was the easier of the two careers! Christy is in love with too many things, including (but not limited to): her husband, music, organizing, treats, projects, her computer, reading, being outside, and spending time with her family and friends. She firmly believes in God and thinks that family, prayer, naptimes, and chocolate chips were part of the plan for survival on earth.  She has always thought that education is imperative and feels like Power of Moms provides that needed education and support for mothers!  Christy LOVES being the podcast and video editor for Power of Moms and hopes you can’t notice her splicing errors. If you do, feel free to email her, but kindly enclose a bag of chocolate chips.

 Jessee Stewart, Radio Show Transcript Editor

100Jessee and her stellar husband, Wade, birthed a beautiful little girl in 2009, and that experience introduced them to the more difficult side of parenthood. Their beautiful Avalee Grace was born with a gamut of congenital defects. She tutored them for three months on how to live in appreciation for the little moments of beauty and love that parenthood brings. When she passed away, their little home never felt so empty. Gratefully, in 2011 a sassy blonde was born to them, and has kept them happily busy ever since. The Stewarts live in Logan, Utah and they love to hike the beautiful mountains that surround them. They enjoy running, reading and DIY projects. Jessee feels a huge debt of gratitude for Power of Moms for the joy and clarity it has brought to her role as a mother. She composes the show notes for the Power of Moms Radio Show.

Public Relations and Marketing

Mary Jenkins, Facebook and Google+ Manager, Book Summaries Manager

Mary graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. She lives in Southern California with her husband John and their two children, Margaret (8) and Nathaniel (5).

Mary tries to be an advocate for her children, both of whom are uniquely wonderful and also on the autism spectrum. She loves playing with her children and planning fun family outings. While she tries to keep a good routine and schedule going to help her children, sometimes the most fun they have is on a spontaneous family bike ride or game night.

Having moved ten times in the last nine years, Mary is enjoying the adventures that come with exploring new places. She loves serving with Power of Moms as their Facebook/Google+ Manager  and Book Summaries Manager. You can read more about her journey at A Mighty Tower.


Emily Barton, Twitter Manager

bartonEmily and her husband and their three kids currently reside in Southern California, never quite knowing where the next adventure will take them. Emily is a full-time mom and part-time professional photographer. She loves using her photography skills to capture those little moments and precious time that goes all too quickly.

She graduated from BYU with a degree in psychology but tries not to diagnosis her friends and family too much. She worked for the Division of Child and Family Services before “retiring” to be a mom. She believes in working hard and playing hard, all with a glass-half full perspective. Her family’s motto is “Work Hard. Play Hard. Love All Day Long”. She truly believes in the power of love and laughter in the home and wants her home to be a place her kids are always happy to be.

Emily shares her journey through life, her photography and crafts and projects through her blog Emmy Mom–One Day at a Time.  She loves the ideas and friendships she has developed through blogging and now through her association with Power of Moms.


Heather Hosac, Pinterest Manager

imageHeather Hosac graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in English literature. She lives in Eagle, Idaho with her husband Nate and their four children- Sam (14), Josh (12), Ava (9) and Sophie (6)-  as well as one horse, two sheep and five hens. Fresh eggs, fruit trees, and traveling to someplace that she has never been are a few of her favorite things. Heather manages the Power of Moms pinterest boards.


Jennifer Brimhall, Giveaway Manager

October 2013 DC 108Jennifer Brimhall secretly wants to be a female hybrid of David McCullough and Malcolm Gladwell when she is all grown up. She has a B.A.  in history with a minor in political science from Brigham Young University. Homeschooling her 5 children keeps her days busy and her home messy. She is a fan of all things dark chocolate, is constantly learning and is forever grateful that she found Power of Moms–as are her husband and children! She enjoys being able to be the Power of Moms “Santa Claus,” giving away programs and helping to spread their wonderful message and insights.

Lacy Anderson, External Content Specialist


Anderson-46Lacy was born in the Bay Area, but grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the third of four children. She met her husband, Brandon, while serving an full time mission for the LDS Church in Bucharest, Romania. They were married a year after returning home and have been blissfully happy for the last 12 years.

Lacy graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in photography and she loves using her talents to take great pictures of her family. But, her full time job right now is mothering her four adorable children (new baby not pictured).

She loves being part of Power of Moms because it changed the way she views motherhood and the way she practices it.  Her favorite part of Power of Moms is learning so much from other amazing mothers.  She does her best to be deliberate mother and enjoy her children…even when they tried to “clean” her favorite canvas print with a spray bottle and wipes.

Danielle Monson, Special Groups Outreach Manager

Danielle and her husband Jordan are the parents of three children, Thais, Skyler and Grace. She is currently living in Utah while her husband is attending grad school but she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and spent the last 13 years in Tucson, Arizona.  Danielle and her husband met while attending the University of Arizona. Thankfully their love of sports (Jordan loved UA’s basketball team and Danielle was on their track team) brought them together from opposite ends of the country. It makes them happy to think that their move to the desert was so they could find each other.

Danielle never knew how much her time spent as a runner would help her as a mom. She has been blessed with VERY active toddlers and has had many experiences where she has had to run after one of them full speed (usually 7 or 8 months pregnant) before or after they have run out of a store or on to a very busy road, etc. Despite the chaos of raising energetic children, it is a role that has brought the most joy and fulfillment to Danielle’s life. Motherhood requires creativity, multitasking, organization, humor, compassion, determination, discipline, love, and a lot of energy. What an amazing way to stretch and grow!

Danielle has a bucket list a mile long of things she would like to do. One thing motherhood has taught her is that there is a time and season for it all. Things like traveling the world are put aside for now and she is doing things that fit into a busy mother’s schedule. Her hobbies currently consist of getting a shower in each day, devouring a good book, making up little jingles with her kids about getting along and table manners, exercising, trying new recipes, and learning to play the piano. She’s also started blogging.

She is excited to be part of Power of Moms because she firmly believes that “the hands that rock the cradle rule the world!” Danielle has met so many beautiful hands through this wonderful organization.

Andrea Davis, Book Promotions Leader

Andrea Davis 20120903 74533 D8A_8414Andrea and her husband, Tyler, live in Peoria, Illinois with their four children. She is a small town Idaho girl whose perfect day would include a horse ride in the mountains followed by a hamburger at the local drive-in. She loves the outdoors and has a hard time being a disciplined housekeeper in the summertime. The bike or her running shoes are always demanding some attention.

Andrea was a missionary for her church in the Dominican Republic and learned to love the Spanish language and the Dominican people. While not currently a teacher, Andrea has taught both junior high and university courses and strives to be a teacher in her home daily.

Andrea’s kitchen frequently smells like fresh bread simply because she likes good food! She also loves dates with her husband, looking at the stars, chocolate, adventures with her family, gardening, and a good book.

Andrea believes in the difference a mother can make; not only in the lives of her children, but in those around her. She loves Power of Moms for bringing us all together to make a difference.

Program Management

Tiffany Sowby, Trainer Manager

familyTiffany and her husband, Mike, are the parents of five children, ranging in age from 5-15.

While her University of Utah diploma is collecting dust somewhere on a shelf, Tiffany’s education continues in patience, times-table practicing, homework assignments, and counseling sibling rivals. Her paychecks are nothing more than spontaneous thank-yous, hugs and handwritten notes, yet motherhood is a job she would never trade. (Though Tiffany could certainly do without sticky floors and unmade beds.) Tiffany loves playing games, hearing her children laugh, date nights with Mike, laundry (yes, you read that right!), writing, and shoes.

Her motto for motherhood is, “Enjoy the little things in life, one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” Tiffany lives in Utah and blogs at Our (Most of the Time) Happy Family

Tiffany manages our 50+ Power of Moms Certified Trainers. She oversees the mini-retreats and full-day retreats that our trainers put on. Tiffany also participates in and leads many of our Power of Moms retreats.

Amber Gillette, Learning Circles Director

Amber has four children, ranging in age from 7 to 2. She and her family live in southern Utah. She earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering and spent four exciting years as a transportation planner for the Salt Lake Olympic Committee. Amber wasn’t sure she would ever have another job that could top this experience, until she became a mom and realized this new “career path” was the most rewarding, fun, and challenging experience of her life.

Most of Amber’s time is spent playing with her children and taking care of their many different needs. Amber loves to squeeze in some time for playing the piano, reading, sewing and doing digital scrapbooking. After becoming a mom, she discovered several other hidden passions, including photography and teaching.

She and her family love outdoor activities and have learned to appreciate the adventures that come up with little ones in tow (at least some of them). Amber’s favorite quote is taped to her computer: “The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow will not wait while you do the work.”


JaNae Messick, Mind Organization for Moms Team Manager

Messick (2)

JaNae is a professional mother of 4 little ladies–Hayley, Maya, Alice, and Audrey. She and her husband, Ryan, say they have specialized in girls! They have learned to endure high-pitched squealing and to enjoy constant crafting. They can often be found clapping for impromptu dance performances, brushing tangled hair, and riding the roller coaster of tears and feelings or giggles and pure joy!

Passionate about organizing, JaNae loves developing, tweaking and perfecting family systems that simplify life and accomplish the goal of raising competent, responsible children. Sharing and analyzing family functioning ideas with other moms is her preferred park-bench conversation.

JaNae found Mind Organization for Moms several years ago and became passionate about how it can change the lives of frustrated, multitasking moms! JaNae now manages the M.O.M. team: a group of organizing-gurus that support this awesome program. She enjoys developing content from her real-life experiences as she learns how to maintain a relaxed and present mind in the midst of busy days!

Kristine Jones, Mind Organization for Moms Team Member, Friends Manager

Kristine and her husband are the parents of five children ages 10 to 1. She has lived most of her life in the Midwest and currently resides there now. While pregnant with her first child, she was pursuing a degree in microbiology and vowed to use latex gloves with each diaper change. Not many diapers and messes later, the glove idea had to be thrown out the window. She has since had ample opportunities to build a healthy immune system.

After her three-year-old daughter told her, “I want to be a mom. I want to be in a rush,” Kristine is attempting to slow down and enjoy her children each day a bit more, which means she is trying harder to get her housework done withher children and be more productive when she has a quiet moment. Each of her children are growing and learning so fast and she does not want to miss any of it! She cannot help but wish, however, that she could hit the pause button for a month to get caught up on projects and read a few books.

Julia Jacobsen, Mind Organization for Moms Team Member

Julia and her husband, Erik, are parents to five children, four girls and one boy. They live in Palo Alto, California. Julia grew up in Southern California until her father’s full-time church assignment took her family to Boise, Idaho, and then Salt Lake City, Utah. Studying English and political science along with Spanish, French, and Finnish in college were highlights, as well as six months in London and Europe studying and traveling. Eighteen months in Finland rounded out her college years, where she spent her time doing service and teaching about her church while learning the little-known and complicated Finnish language.

Being a mother was always Julia’s greatest dream. Along with the joys are the daily challenges of raising children and finding happiness and balance. Most of her time is spent as a mom, but she also helps her husband with the financial side of his graphic  design business. She enjoys teaching piano to her children and their cousins. Reading, hiking in the hills, traveling, engaging conversation with friends, and rooting for her children’s soccer and baseball teams and the San Francisco Giants are some of Julia’s favorite things.

As a mother, Julia is always trying to find that balance of work and fun for her family.  She is trying to be more present with her children and truly appreciate and delight in their unique and wonderful personalities and strengths.  Being a mom is more rewarding and more difficult than she ever imagined!  Her favorite moments are seeing her children nurturing each other, and watching a child truly blossom and shine in their own ways.  There is nothing better to her than a great heart-to-heart talk with her children or time reading together.


Chantol Sego, Book Editor, Mind Organization for Moms Coach

DSC_5193 (1)Chantol married her high school sweetheart in 1998. They have two daughters, ages 10 and 13, and live in Western Washington. She has her bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Puget Sound and works full-time in the finance industry. In addition to her full-time job, she co-owns Something New, LLC, a wedding and event planning business, with her dear friend.

Even with a full schedule, family definitely comes first. Being able to involve her kids in volunteer projects, teaching them about business and planning and attending all of their many sporting events is why having a flexible career is wonderful. Their family goal is to simplify and move into the country where things can slow down.

For Power of Moms, Chantol is a Mind Organization for Moms coach and Book Editor…giving as much time as she can to help this wonderful organization is a favorite thing to fill in the “free time” that she doesn’t always find.

Dawn Wessman, Bloom Game Manager, Content Editor


Dawn Lammers Wessman is a truly happy and somewhat drousy mother of five small children; she and her family live in Boston, MA. As a certified personal trainer she teaches cycle, yoga, pilates, bootcamp and weight lifting classes. Dawn manages the Bloom Game for Power of Moms, writing the weekly motivational emails that accompany the effective goal setting game. She produced workout videos such as Wedding Body Pilates, and currently chases her littles, writes and is a public speaker. She recently wrote a chaper for the book, Do Not Attempt in Heels: Mission Stories and Advice from Sisters Who Have Been There, recounting the physical struggles of an LDS mission to Russia. She writes about her search for meaning in motherhood on her personal blog Dawn Blogs and her fitness findings at Courage Zone. She loves to hold her children closely, laugh daily and do her age in push-ups.


Chantelle Adams, Director of Family Volunteering

Chantelle lives in beautiful British Columbia with her husband and their four children. Together they enjoy many adventures, boating, skiing, motor-biking, camping and hiking, to name a few. But the little things are just as important: the pillow fights, dancing around the house, the late-night talks and snuggling up together to read a good book.

 Her passion is educating kids, parents and educators about leading by example, making a difference, and living a life based on key values. Her company, Foundations For Success, has given her the perfect outlet to share this passion with the world.

Ever since she was a little girl, she has wanted to make a difference in the world and knows that raising four strong, responsible, compassionate children is helping her achieve that dream. Giving back in simple ways is one thing that has drawn her family closer and has provided countless moments of joy. Currently her children are spending their spare time raising money to build a school in Africa with Free the Children.  Her desire to make a difference led her to become involved with Power of Moms as the Director of Family Volunteering.

Motherhood moments that make it all worthwhile are scattered throughout each day and keep her going. The whispered, “I love you, Mom,” the belly-laugh of her four-year-old, and those beautiful moments when her children offer to help without even being asked are simple things that truly make life grand. She is grateful to cross paths with other mothers as we “struggle, laugh, cry and enjoy this journey of motherhood.”


Mary Croxford, Value of the Month Manager

Mary loves kids and always knew she wanted to be a mother to a big family. She married her high school sweetie, Bryce. They reside in Highland, Utah. Their first three children are ages 26, 22, and 13. Originally they resolved to have a smaller family, but they learned that plans are rarely realized the way we make them. They do, however, turn out better than expected.

Nine years after their son was born they were blessed with twin sons, followed about a year later by another daughter, and then their little daughter caboose two years after that. To recap, the kids are ages 26, 22, 13, 4, 4, 2 and 1! Mary is also blessed to be “Grammy” to three grandsons with another grandbaby on the way. She has worked with children and youth most of her adult life through church and school involvement, including stints in preschool. Her number one passion is family, but she also enjoys the outdoors, composing music, and has a growing passion for photography.

Her least favorite part of motherhood is not being able to get enough sleep due to the challenge of juggling many demands and schedules. The best part is being rewarded with notes, pictures, hugs and kisses, service, one-on-one talks, and friendship. Motherhood has far exceeded her expectations and she never realized the depth of emotion that would be involved. Her favorite quote? “Live life in crescendo!”


Megan Stewart, Value of the Month Manager

Megan is the mother of three boys ages 4, 3 and 5 months. She and her husband, Wes, currently reside in Eagle Mountain, Utah. A full-time stay-at-home mommy, Megan also sells jewelry part-time. She loves to rock climb and bike as often as she can. She enjoys anything domestic—from decorating to knitting to gardening to cooking—but her greatest joy is her family. Not only does she have her little youngsters to raise, she is the oldest of seven children, five of whom still live at home with mom, four the same ages as her own kids. She never dreamed she’d be mothering alongside her own mother, but she feels so blessed and lucky to soak in the wisdom and love from her own mother, who lives close by, every day. She has a passion for teaching and playing with and cuddling her kids and siblings, and is excited to be on the Power of Moms board so she can draw ideas from women and moms everywhere.


Our Advisory Board

In addition to the great women above who take care of our day-to-day operations, we’ve got a great group of people who offer us advice and ideas.

Here’s a little information on our Advisory Board Members:

Richard and Linda Eyre:  Parents of nine children; authors of best-selling parenting books; world-renowned speakers and consultants; founders of valuesparenting.com

Whitney L. Johnson: Mother of two; co-founder and president of investment firm Rose Park Advisors.  Wall Street veteran who invests in stocks and people; authors the blog Dare to Dream

Kelly King Anderson:  Mother of four; founder of StartUpPrincess.com. Expert in launching and marketing women-owned businesses

Jared Loosli: Father of five; husband of a Power of Moms co-director, cheerful and immensely capable web developer for all his wife’s (neverending) projects; business owner; MIT Engineer

Eric Perry: Father of four; husband of a Power of Moms co-director; sounding board and supporter for his wife; Harvard MBA