10 Ways to Make 10 Moms Happy with “Motherhood Realized”


Something amazing is happening out there with Motherhood Realized. I knew this was a great book, but then I watched it climb to (and stay at) #1 in Amazon’s Mothering category. And now, friends, we honestly have a shot at making it to the NYT Bestsellers’ List. It all depends on what happens between now and this Saturday, March 29th.

If you want to join in the adventure–and help support this movement Power of Moms has been building for SEVEN YEARS, then I’m going to make it simple. Just keep reading! (And don’t miss the SPECIAL OFFER at the end of the post for all those who participate!)

Now, really quickly, in case you haven’t read the book yet (because it’s brand new), here’s what moms are saying about it:

I have to say this book has changed me. It has changed my attitude towards my mothering, children and family. It has stuck with me in my everyday mothering–things like changing diapers and doing laundry. The positive force it has brought into my days has left me feeling so grateful to have read this book!  (Sarah Thomas)

Several years ago when I was at a real low spot in my life, I stumbled onto the Power of Moms website. The articles there truly changed my outlook on motherhood and helped me find real joy in raising my children. (Aubrey)

My favorite part of this book is the way it makes my heart feel contentment in, gratitude for and the deep importance of being a mother. Thank you Power of Moms for the timely wisdom and love from one mom to another. (W. Stewart)

(If you want a free chapter, links to all the posts that are in the book, a quick video, and all the other details, remember those are found on our book page.)

All right, so now I’m assuming that you are just as giddy as I am about this book, and you can’t wait to share it with the whole world, and you’re wondering how to go about doing that.

See that picture up above? That’s 10 books. And now I’m going to show you how you can take a stack of 10 books like that and make 10 moms really, really happy. Ready?

GuessHowMuchILoveYou(1) 10 Baby Shower Gifts

Are you like me, and you always wonder what to get for baby showers? And do you sometimes wonder why the baby gets 346 outfits, but the mother gets nothing? What if you paired Motherhood Realized with a darling baby book–like the one pictured to the right? Reading time for Mom AND baby. Yay!

(2) 10 Teacher Gifts

Most of my children’s teachers are mothers, and whether their children are grown or still young, they all love when I share motherhood books with them. This is such a beautiful one to share…

(3) Donations to 10 Libraries

I just spoke with my local librarian and asked, “If I want to put Motherhood Realized in the library, how do I do that?” She kind of laughed, “Um, you just bring it to the library and say, ‘Here’s a donation!'” We have dozens of libraries within an hour of my house. Guess what they’re getting?  And if you can’t afford to donate books to every library, just donate to one–and then call the others and ask them to order it and stock it on their shelves for all those beautiful mothers who are going to go looking for something just like this.

(4) Start a Learning Circle!

Can you imagine gathering in person with nine other women once a month to discuss what’s at the heart of your lives as mothers? Our Learning Circles are taking off with hundreds and hundreds of groups around the globe. And guess what, Year Three of our curriculum is coming out soon, and can you guess which book it’s going to be based on? Yep! Motherhood Realized.

(5) The BEST Birthday Gift to Keep on Hand

Whenever my friends have a birthday, I find myself at the store looking for lotion or a plant or something to let them know I’m thinking of them. But how many bottles of unopened lotion do you have under your bathroom sink? This book is a GREAT one to have in stock, so you always have a birthday gift at the ready.

(6) Take 10 Books to a Battered Women’s Shelter

This is the first place I want to go with my stack of books. I can’t even imagine what the women in these shelters have gone through. A beautiful book full of love and hope is exactly what I would hope someone would bring me, if I were in that situation.

(7) Visit a Retirement Community–with 10 Books Under Your Arm

My grandmother lived in a retirement community for about 15 years before she came to live with us. She was quick as a whip and so active. She would have loved to have a book like this to read.


My son, Ethan, was born at 30 weeks, and that NICU experience now makes me so grateful for his current health and happiness.

We can’t forget this one, right? How many mothers are in your life? Your own mother, your mother-in-law, your grandmother, your aunt, your sisters, your nieces… Or maybe you’d like to make a “Mother’s Day Drop-off” to moms who are on bed rest at the hospital? Or moms who are sitting in the NICU with premature babies? (I was there on Mother’s Day in 2003…)

(9) Give 10 Books to a Family Therapist or a Pastor

They will certainly know who needs this book–and what a great way to offer support in an anonymous, beautiful way?

(10) The FUTURE Mothers

This is a book I am giving to both of my daughters–and I want their friends to read it as well. Girls today are desperately in need of positive motherhood role models. Mainstream media simply doesn’t prepare them for what they are about to face, and it is clear that families are struggling. How about we take our girls under our wings and show them how wonderful motherhood will be for them–when it’s the right time in their lives? This is the real reason I’m pouring my whole heart into Power of Moms. It’s for the next generation.

Before I close, I need to be perfectly clear about something.

Making the NYT Bestsellers’ List is not about me. I don’t need a badge or a sign or something to tell me that my work here at Power of Moms is worth it. I know that already.

But I want to get on this list for a larger purpose.

I have never seen so many deliberate mothers working together on one project to champion motherhood. Ever.

I want to make the NYT list for our authors, our board, our book team, and our community. And I want this for all of the deliberate mothers out there who work hard EVERY DAY and who deserve to have their beautiful roles recognized by society as being as fantastic as they are.


EVERYONE who purchases 10 books and emails the receipt to 10@powerofmoms.com will automatically receive our Power of Moms Premium Package, valued at $216.

Premium Power of Moms Package (Image)

(We have another special prize package for everyone who even orders ONE–including a digital copy of our first book and some other great gifts–so please don’t feel daunted if you can’t buy 10. Just click over to our book page to see the whole picture…)

And the FIRST 20 who send in their receipts for 10 books to 10@powerofmoms.com will receive an additional copy of Motherhood Realized–signed by me and my mom, Zoe.

(We had a book launch party during my regular Thursday visit to her home this week. My mom has never had the chance to write a book, but since she was the main inspiration behind this one, I decided to bring her along on this adventure WITH me. We’ll send a notification to the first 20 entrants on Monday morning letting them know when to expect their signed copy.)

If you have any questions, please visit this book page for all the details!

And please share this post and/or the page linked above.

Or if you’re ready to order, click these buttons below, and go get your 10 books!

Thanks for believing in motherhood.





  1. Amy says

    So exciting!! I couldn’t afford 10 at this time but I ordered three to give to my sisters for birthday gifts! Thank you for bringing beauty and honor to motherhood. I’ll be ordering more as soon as I can.

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