back to school

Back to School and Back to Basics

It’s back to school, and back to that crazy schedule. Power of Moms’ author Tasha Bradshaw shares great tips on how she keeps her sanity and finds balance and fulfillment by grounding herself to the basics.


Make Over Your Mornings with Crystal Paine – Episode 124

Looking for ways to make your morning as a mom more productive and happy–so you can have a great start to each day? This interview with’s Crystal Paine will show you the principles to help you get started. Crystal Paine is an author, business consultant, speaker and the founder of Started in 2007, […]

Can you think of ways to make housework more fun?

Who Wants to Live on Stinky Shoe Lane?

Pleasant names can make just about anything more pleasant. These are my suggestions for giving more uplifting descriptions to the responsibilities associated with raising children.

In which areas of your life do you need to say of your efforts, “It is enough?”

This Is Enough

Of course, it would be ideal to give our best every single day. But now I know that today’s best is different from yesterday’s best. And some days I’ll admit that I am not even giving my best. But I am still giving. And that is enough.

not listening

Reflections of a Failed Tiger Mother – Episode 123

We all go into parenting with certain hopes and expectations for our children. How do we handle it when things don’t turn out as we’d planned? Join Saren and Holly Hamilton-Bleakely, PhD as they discuss how we can figure out our REAL purpose in parenting while helping our children develop into the people they are meant to be.

How do we teach our boys to be mentally tough and emotionally tender?

Be A Man

Instead of telling our boys to toughen up, we can show them how to be mentally tough and still emotionally tender. I want to teach my son to battle sadness, hurt, disappointment, fear with strength, not denial. I want my son to be confident, not calloused.

How do you maintain balance in your family life and parenting? Find out at

I’ll Have Kale

Ever since I was first pregnant, I can’t feed my family anything without second guessing myself. Being responsible for another person is often motivation for people to make healthy changes in their lives, but for me it created a slippery slope to a state of anxiety.

Is there a mom that you could learn from instead of judge?

Eating My Words

Have you ever judged another mother for doing something, only to find yourself doing the exact same thing later? If you need a good laugh, check out this lighthearted post from Brooke Romney about how she learned not to judge.

Can't see the forest for the trees? Tips for rocking that parenting thing.

Power of Moms Pick: 7 Ways to Rock Survival-Mode Parenting

Do you ever find yourself in the midst of a survial-mode week or month of parenting? Have you developed any concrete strategies for getting through those crazy times? Blogger Jamie Walton has been there, and she compiled seven of her best tips for “rocking” survival-mode parenting.

Amy McCready's book

Protecting Kids from the Me, Me, Me Epidemic – Episode 121

In this week’s episode, Saren interviews our good friend Amy McCready about her exciting new book, The Me, Me, Me Epidemic. Amy shares three powerful tools from the “Un-Entitler Toolbox” included in her book and offers perspective on the underlying causes and solutions for entitlement.