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Our daily content is focused on 12 “Powers” that are grouped into these four categories: Peace, Purpose, Order, and Joy.

We also provide excellent activities, stories, and discussion points that you can use with your families through our “Value of the Month” and “Monthly Service Challenge.”


We get emails every day expressing how our unique programs have helped moms be more deliberate and find more joy, learning and growth in their motherhood journey.  Here are a few quotes about some of our programs. (For a full listing of all our programs, visit our STORE.)

“My Learning Circle has given me such a great social outlet as well as support and fresh ideas.  I’ve made deep and wonderful friendships and I love the chance to learn and grow with a group of other great mothers.” (a Learning Circle is like a monthly mini-Retreat/girls’ night out/book group where moms get together – in person or virtually via conference call – to discuss an article on motherhood that we provide)
“I was stuck before I found the Bloom Game.  I couldn’t figure out how to make accomplishment and progress a part of my mom-life where little people always need something whenever I try to get anything done!  I’ve loved how Bloom has helped me assess what I really want to work on at this stage in my life, set balanced, bite-sized goals, and view all the “interruptions” as ”serendipity moments.”
“I can’t even explain how much Mind Organization for Moms (based on David Allen’s best-seller, Getting Things Done) has helped me reduce the stress in my life. Since implementing the system, I’m getting way more done and I’m fully “present” with my kids much more often.  I used to think I had to choose between getting things done and being a good mom.  Now I see that they can and should work hand in hand.”
“I stayed up WAY too late last night listening to the Deliberate Mothering Podcasts - but it was worth it.  It was great hearing all the great ideas and suggestions from the Eyres – and I loved the easy, friendly and fun way they interacted with each other on the podcasts.  It was so tempting to just keep listening to ‘one more’ since they’re so nice and short – like 15 minutes each.”


Our Retreats and Workshops are professional development conferences for the field of motherhood.We offer in-person half-day, evening, full-day, and weekend Retreats around the world where deliberate mothers gather to learn from each other and from our stellar trainers and facilitators. Retreat attendees have called our Retreats “life-changing,” “amazingly comforting and motivating,” and “a great mixture of laughter, relaxation, learning and self-assessment.”

Mommy is a Person Video Training

“I felt like I was right there at a Retreat! The videos explained things so well and I loved hearing from Saren, April, Shawni, Saydi and Linda – the Dream Team of Mom presenters. I’m so glad to be able to more fully embrace my ‘personhood’ thanks to what this video series taught me.”

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Family Systems Webinar Training

“I never knew I could learn so much in just three hours.  I LOVE the Family Systems Online Training! I’ve been able to make serious changes that have made my life as a mother so much better. Saren and April explain things in such an accessible way and I love that I can go back and watch parts of the webinars again whenever I like.”

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