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Our Mind Organization for Moms program is a mom-specific adaptation of David Allen’s best-seller Getting Things Done®.

It’s designed to help you handle all the papers, emails, tasks, and projects you have on your plate (so you can finally breathe and more fully enjoy your family).

Below, you’ll see a registration form that will enable you to access Mind Organization for Moms (a $50 value) absolutely free.

We’re giving 100 of these programs away to the Simple Mom Community, and our offer includes the following:

  • Instant downloads of the Mind Organization for Moms eBooks (one is a start-up book and the other contains the full program)
  • An expandable, online version of the eBook
  • Video training to walk you through the whole program
  • Access to our Sharing Center and Q & A Section
  • A monthly coaching email with great new podcasts, videos, and downloads to address topics such as house cleaning routines, setting up a paper or digital planner, creating your ideal desk space, and moving forward on your goals
  • A weekly email from Power of Moms featuring inspiring content to help you as a deliberate mother (from which you can unsubscribe at any time)

For more information (and lots of testimonials about the program), please visit our M.O.M. Information Page . . . or simply register for your free program below:

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