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Posts tagged "self-discovery"
When Children Come "Pre-Wired"

When Children Come “Pre-Wired”

We might believe that we're encouraging our children to be who and what they want to be, but we probably also assume our children will naturally follow in our footsteps. Is this assumption preventing us from having close, connected relationships with our children?
What Our Challenges Make POSSIBLE

What Our Challenges Make POSSIBLE

Are you going through a difficult challenge right now? Something you wish would go away? Here's a question that has changed my perspective...and my life.
There's No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home

I'm all for moms having the opportunity to excel in areas outside the home, but this experience taught me that I am valued the most by the ones who call me Mom.
How I Justify Mommy Fun

How I Justify Mommy Fun

Being a mom and being with children can be fun, at least some of the time. But I've had a a few experiences lately that have shown me the value of pure fun, just for myself.
You're Not Mean, You're Stressed

You’re Not Mean, You’re Stressed

I was attending my first Power of Moms Retreat! Would I find answers to the question:Why am I a mean mom and what can I do to stop? The idea hit my mind. The idea was this: I'm not mean. I'm stressed! This discovery has helped changed my life.
Remember You're a Person: Episode 46

Remember You’re a Person: Episode 46

It's way too easy to forget that moms are people. This week's Power of Moms Radio show will walk you through three simple steps for getting back on track.
Light IN the Tunnel

Light IN the Tunnel

Do you ever feel like you're in a tunnel, and life as a mother just feels dark, low, and uncertain? Here are my very best ideas for making those tunnels into refining moments that are full of light.
Our Deeper Yes: Episode 24

Our Deeper Yes: Episode 24

Ever feel like you're spread too thin? Join April and Saren (and our community of deliberate mothers) who share their best ideas for discovering and living by that deeper YES.
Picture Story: Dandelions

Picture Story: Dandelions

In viewing myself as a dandelion, I was able to understand my own position as a mother and the choices that I am able to make.
Built to Last

Built to Last

Are you outlasting the challenges of motherhood? Or is your endurance in need of some work? As mothers, we need to remember that we are built for the long haul—to outlast the hard moments, days, weeks, and years we have before us. We are built to last.
I'm No Better Than You Are

I’m No Better Than You Are

Recently in a meeting, I happened to glance at the notes that were being taken by a lady in front of me.  Several of the notes she had written down were goals to be a better mother to her children.  I suddenly became squeamish in my seat.  It wasn’t the goals themselves that caused my discomfort,...
Barbara Walters' One Regret

Barbara Walters’ One Regret

Barbara Walters expressing regret over not having a bigger family has Allyson thinking: It might be a worthwhile exercise to take a few minutes while thinking about our New Year's Resolutions and ask ourselves, “What do I want more than anything else?”