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Stiff Laundry, Soft Lessons

How can we restore family harmony in the face of discord? Melissa Carter shares what one experience taught her about family relationships, daily tasks, and mothering instincts.


Why We Should Nurture Wonder

The magic of childhood. How do you make it last, respect it, and hold on to it? By observing, engaging, and nurturing our children’s imaginations, not only can we preserve the magic, we can participate in it.


When Children Come “Pre-Wired”

We might believe that we’re encouraging our children to be who and what they want to be, but we probably also assume our children will naturally follow in our footsteps. Is this assumption preventing us from having close, connected relationships with our children?


3 Reasons I Don’t Pay My Kids an Allowance

Even though current financial gurus advice otherwise, Amanda Hamilton Roos is not paying her children an allowance, at least for now. Why? She believes the lessons they would learn from getting an allowance or being paid to do household chores are more damaging than the potential gains in financial literacy.

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What a Hard Hike Taught Me About Motherhood

This past fifteen years as a mom has sure taught me a lot about letting go, about getting over things, about fixing and moving on, about trial and error, and about finding beauty in the midst of hard stuff. A recent hike with my kids helped me realize all this more deeply.

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Too Busy?

Why are we so busy? What good does it do? We used to rush from school and work and soccer practice to piano practice to the drive-through again for dinner to homework to collapse into bed and do the same thing the next day. I decided something had to change.

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Kids Can Work Things Out: Episode 57

Do you feel this urge to “jump in” whenever your child has an issue with a peer or an adult? Do you sometimes get yourself too involved and then wish you’d just given your child a little space? Join April Perry, Power of Moms Board Member Rachelle Price, and Power of Moms Community Member Danee Davis as they share their experiences and ideas.


Three Ways To Support Children in their Interests

The story behind our second child turning his city-raised parents into pseudo-farmers is a story for another day. But in the course of that happening, I have learned a few things that may be valuable to other parents, regardless of whether their children own goats, swim competitively, or perform with a marching band.

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Roots and Wings

My son’s first day of school was awful. It made me miss the days when as long as he knew Mom loved him and thought he was special, that was all that mattered.