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You’re Not Mean, You’re Stressed

I was attending my first Power of Moms Retreat! Would I find answers to the question:Why am I a mean mom and what can I do to stop? The idea hit my mind. The idea was this: I’m not mean. I’m stressed! This discovery has helped changed my life.

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Landing Gratitude

Why didn’t life go my way? Our accountant made an error and we owed $10,000 in taxes due that day! I wish I could tell you what happened inside my head that day and all I can say is I think I finally landed gratitude.

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Why I Stopped Reading Mommy Blogs

I understand that many moms read blogs for ideas and inspiration. I get that. I really do. But, if you have a personality like mine, you will want to try and incorporate every last great idea out there and risk not doing the most important thing for your family. (Whatever that is.)

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Light IN the Tunnel

Do you ever feel like you’re in a tunnel, and life as a mother just feels dark, low, and uncertain? Here are my very best ideas for making those tunnels into refining moments that are full of light.

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These Glory Days

My days were a blur of breastfeeding, dressing, bathing, feeding, dirty diapers, laundry, and little messes. I had never been busier in my entire life, and yet I had never felt more unproductive. Where were my glory days?

Got "mommy burnout?" Let go of the baggage and love your life as the Mom.

Let Go and Love

Motherhood can be overwhelming. Many women can feel “mommy burnout” more often than they care to admit. Author Amy H. Fonseca relates her experiences with mothering and how the process of “letting go” of our baggage and stress can help us see motherhood in a new light.

Optimism + Discipline = Help with the Hard Stuff.

The Stockdale Paradox

Motherhood is often punctuated by challenges, sometimes small and mundane and sometimes lasting and heart-wrenching. How can we get through them? The Stockdale Paradox, a mix of optimism and discipline, could be part of your solution.

Bonding with Girls

Have you ever struggled to bond with your girl whose interests only drift further and further away from your own? Amanda Roos found a way to spend time with her daughter while doing something they both love — reading.