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There’s No Place Like Home

I’m all for moms having the opportunity to excel in areas outside the home, but this experience taught me that I am valued the most by the ones who call me Mom.

How to overcome "compassion fatigue" as mothers.

Compassion In Neverland

Are there days when you just want to tell your kids to dust off the boo-boo themselves, even though you see a pinprick of blood on their knee and a puddle of tears behind their eyes? Author Amy Fonseca gives advice on how to overcome “compassion fatigue” as mothers.

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5 Ways To Deal with Emotional Earthquakes (Video Included)

I bet you’ve been there: trying so hard to be happy, calm, and patient for such a long period of time and under such stressful circumstances that you ultimately lose your temper. Allyson Reynolds suggests 5 ways to deal with the emotional earthquakes that inevitably topple our good intentions.

What am you doing, as the mother, to shape how your children see themselves?

I See Me in Your Eyes

What we think of ourselves and how we view ourselves begins in our families. What am I doing, as the mother, to shape how my children see themselves? It is not only my voice that becomes my child’s inner voice, but mine is the first.

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Creating Highlights

As mothers, we do not need to burn ourselves out with expectations that we will plan outrageously fun and magical activities for our children every single day of their lives. Instead, we can plan ‘highlight experiences’ for our children to spice up the monotony of daily life.

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Introduction to October’s Value: Kindness and Friendliness

Kind, friendly people are generally more happy and successful than those who are often unfriendly and unkind. As we help our children work on kindness and friendliness, we’re helping them to grow and stretch in very important ways. Check out these simple, tried-and-true ideas for teaching our children to be a little more kind and friendly.


We all Deserve a Payday

Do you ever dread those moments in the restaurant when everyone is staring at your family? When you know your children’s manners are being critiqued by the grandma at the next table over? Cheryl Cardall shares what she wants to say when she’s that grandma…or sooner.