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Posts tagged "expectations"
Why I Do (and Don't) Believe in Deliberate Parenting

Why I Do (and Don’t) Believe in Deliberate Parenting

I think parenting is the single greatest endeavor I will ever embark upon, and because of that, I think it deserves my very best, most deliberate behavior. However, I no longer believe that what I do is the only thing that matters.
The Screen Time Dialogue

The Screen Time Dialogue

Are you ever baffled by your child's obsession with screens, phones, or video games? Dawn Wessman models a child-lead discussion that eliminated battles, improved her son's mood, increased learning and activity level, as well as deepened their relationship.
No Leprechauns, No Valentine's Boxes, No Elves, and Why That is Okay

No Leprechauns, No Valentine’s Boxes, No Elves, and Why That is Okay

I want to live in a community where women can showcase their strengths and pursue their talents-- at home and in the workforce--without the fear of being or looking "too good." When women excel, at anything, it is good for all of us.
Family Time: Just Show Up

Family Time: Just Show Up

I am not exaggerating when I say that we cannot do without this designated Family Time now. It is sacred and precious, and requires nothing but showing up. I had no idea anything about parenting could be this easy.
Too Busy?

Too Busy?

Why are we so busy? What good does it do? We used to rush from school and work and soccer practice to piano practice to the drive-through again for dinner to homework to collapse into bed and do the same thing the next day. I decided something had to change.
A Mother's Day to Remember

A Mother’s Day to Remember

A year ago, I was dreading Mother’s Day. But the day turned out quite differently than I had expected. Looking back, I realize it was not because of special treatment I received, but because I made a decision to find joy in the day no matter what.
How Do You Feel Successful as a Mother? - Episode 58

How Do You Feel Successful as a Mother? – Episode 58

Do you ever get to the end of the day and wonder if you're a motherhood "success"? Join April and Saren in this heart-to-heart conversation about defining success, enjoying the process, and recognizing that deliberate mothers ARE enough.
How I Justify Mommy Fun

How I Justify Mommy Fun

Being a mom and being with children can be fun, at least some of the time. But I've had a a few experiences lately that have shown me the value of pure fun, just for myself.
You're Not Mean, You're Stressed

You’re Not Mean, You’re Stressed

I was attending my first Power of Moms Retreat! Would I find answers to the question:Why am I a mean mom and what can I do to stop? The idea hit my mind. The idea was this: I'm not mean. I'm stressed! This discovery has helped changed my life.
Landing Gratitude

Landing Gratitude

Why didn’t life go my way? Our accountant made an error and we owed $10,000 in taxes due that day! I wish I could tell you what happened inside my head that day and all I can say is I think I finally landed gratitude.


My sweet, darling baby boy has recently learned the words "NO!" and "UUGH!" and "MINE!" To his credit, he applies them appropriately. Just at inappropriate times. So, after going through this phase multiple times, here's what I've discovered.
Picture Story:  Ideal vs. Real

Picture Story: Ideal vs. Real

Are we so focused on creating the perfect memory to share with our children that we miss the special daily moments? Author Bethany Struthers shares how our best mothering memories will be created from real life as we exercise some patience and shift our priorities.