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Posts tagged "comparing ourselves"
When Children Come "Pre-Wired"

When Children Come “Pre-Wired”

We might believe that we're encouraging our children to be who and what they want to be, but we probably also assume our children will naturally follow in our footsteps. Is this assumption preventing us from having close, connected relationships with our children?
Beauty Redefined - Episode 68

Beauty Redefined – Episode 68

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and felt incredibly frustrated by what you see? Join April Perry, Power of Moms Co-Founder, and Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined as they discuss how to develop healthy perspectives and habits to strengthen mothers . . . and future generations.
"If You Were Thinner, You'd Be Enough"

“If You Were Thinner, You’d Be Enough”

So much pressure exists for kids to be perfect at everything. My experience with an eating disorder has made me certain that our kids need to hear this instead: Do your best, be kind, give back, make healthy choices, embrace what makes you different. You are powerful. You make a difference. You are enough. ...
No Leprechauns, No Valentine's Boxes, No Elves, and Why That is Okay

No Leprechauns, No Valentine’s Boxes, No Elves, and Why That is Okay

I want to live in a community where women can showcase their strengths and pursue their talents-- at home and in the workforce--without the fear of being or looking "too good." When women excel, at anything, it is good for all of us.
Book Summary: Say Goodbye To Survival Mode

Book Summary: Say Goodbye To Survival Mode

In Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, Crystal Pain, of Money Saving Mom, has created a step-by-step guide to help women find balance and joy in motherhood.
Remember You're a Person: Episode 46

Remember You’re a Person: Episode 46

It's way too easy to forget that moms are people. This week's Power of Moms Radio show will walk you through three simple steps for getting back on track.
Why I Stopped Reading Mommy Blogs

Why I Stopped Reading Mommy Blogs

I understand that many moms read blogs for ideas and inspiration. I get that. I really do. But, if you have a personality like mine, you will want to try and incorporate every last great idea out there and risk not doing the most important thing for your family. (Whatever that is.)
I Want To Be Fabulously Ordinary

I Want To Be Fabulously Ordinary

By the proverbial standards of the world, it’s easy to classify the majority of mothers, by virtue of what we do, day in and day out, as ordinary. But make sure you don’t forget to use the word ‘fabulous’ in front of that description.
Light IN the Tunnel

Light IN the Tunnel

Do you ever feel like you're in a tunnel, and life as a mother just feels dark, low, and uncertain? Here are my very best ideas for making those tunnels into refining moments that are full of light.
My Family Being Normal Is Questionable

My Family Being Normal Is Questionable

Is your family "normal"? Tiffany Sowby's isn't...and she's perfectly fine with that.
The Haves and Have-Nots

The Haves and Have-Nots

In our family, we often perceive ourselves as the “Have Nots.”  Everybody has more than we do.  There is always something more we need to buy, and it is an embarrassment to even admit that we are lacking in the areas where “everyone else” has an abundance. Well, this compare snare we’ve gotten ourselves into...
I'm No Better Than You Are

I’m No Better Than You Are

Recently in a meeting, I happened to glance at the notes that were being taken by a lady in front of me.  Several of the notes she had written down were goals to be a better mother to her children.  I suddenly became squeamish in my seat.  It wasn’t the goals themselves that caused my discomfort,...