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I Want Bad Things to Happen to My Kids

Failure, owies, even heartbreak; why should we wish these on our children? Author Sadie McCurry takes a look at the lessons learned by our children when they experience “bad” things. Why, they may even learn resilience!

Vision for the Week

How Can a Busy Mom Stay Focused? Episode 82

Ever feel like you move from one task to the next, but never actually get the most important things done? We’ve been there, too. Join our conversation on how to reverse this . . . even as a busy mother.

Somebody has to carry them to term, feed them, rock them, sing them to sleep and get them to the fun part of their lives.

A Few Good Moms

My kids don’t think I’m fun. But somebody has to do the tough stuff that makes the fun stuff possible! I’ve created a modified version of Jack Nickolson’s infamous speech from “A Few Good Men” to help explain my predicament.


Live Like a Tourist

if you’re feeling a little stale these days and not at all like the fun mom you used to be or thought you would be, maybe you just need to get out of your workplace (the home) and start living like a tourist.

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Life Lessons from the Lap Pool

When I’m swimming laps, quitting in the middle just isn’t an option–especially as I swim in deep water. The same is true for motherhood, but it’s not sink or swim. Here are the lessons I learned from the lap pool.

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Emergency Substitutions

Emergencies strike all around us: we don’t have the special blankie on hand, or–catastrophe!–there is a hole in the tights just before the dance performance begins! Enjoy a good laugh as this delightful article shares some wonderful ideas on how to save the day.


Book Summary: Happiness is a Habit

When I first picked up this book I thought it would be all about how I need to do more, be more, add in new goals to my already busy life. What it really has done is open my eyes to just how much daily habits can make a difference in our lives, for better or for worse.

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“If You Were Thinner, You’d Be Enough”

So much pressure exists for kids to be perfect at everything. My experience with an eating disorder has made me certain that our kids need to hear this instead: Do your best, be kind, give back, make healthy choices, embrace what makes you different. You are powerful. You make a difference. You are enough.

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The Screen Time Dialogue

Are you ever baffled by your child’s obsession with screens, phones, or video games? Dawn Wessman models a child-lead discussion that eliminated battles, improved her son’s mood, increased learning and activity level, as well as deepened their relationship.

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Book Summary: It’s Not About the Broccoli

After watching her mother struggle with her weight and eventually die from obesity, sociologist Dina Rose determined that her daughter would have a better “food life.” Applying the principles of sociology, Dina taught her daughter healthy eating habits. She has since helped countless families in their quest to eat better and avoid dreaded food battles.

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Mom Adventures

During the summer I sometimes feel guilty when I ignore my children to do housework. Other times I feel frustrated because I give them attention but neglect essential tasks. I realized something needed to change, so I instituted a tradition that has since been the highlight of summer.