homework kitAre you inundated by papers your children throw in your general direction when they walk in the door after school?

Do your children dump big projects in your lap the night before they are due or cry over the “hugeness” of their homework?

If you’re looking for a simple, orderly way to process the papers that come home from school–as well as a system for helping your children plan and complete their own homework and projects, we’ve got you covered.

We all want our children to be successful and learn skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. But sometimes we end up putting papers in disorganized piles, missing deadlines, and getting frustrated when we can’t find the field trip form (or when we’re up late at night helping a child with a huge science project we should have started weeks ago). This makes us feel like we’re failing the ones who matter most.

There’s a better way, and our Organizing for School Success kit is going to walk you through the most comprehensive, powerful school paper and homework management system we’ve ever seen.  We can’t wait for it to change your life.

What topics are covered?

Podcasts, worksheets, and simple instructions will cover these four main subjects:

  • Section One: Taming the Pile – Learn how to create a streamlined process for managing the “action-needed” papers that come into your home each day (like permission slips, fundraisers, homework project instructions, fliers, etc.).
  • Section Two: Dealing with Non-Actionable Items – There are so many papers that we need or want to keep (the art projects, certificates, graded papers, fliers . . .), but we don’t have the time to file them neatly away.  We’ll show you a process for sorting them quickly, keeping the “keepers” to a minimum, and setting up a long-term storage system that will work for any family and any house size.
  • Section Three: Elementary School Focus - This section will walk you through specific processes and techniques that will teach young children to manage their own assignments, move forward independently on projects, and keep track of the papers they need for their current school work.
  • Section Four: Middle School and High School Focus - As our children prepare to leave the nest, we’re going to equip them with organizational skills that will enable them to absolutely thrive in college and throughout their careers.  This section has plenty of photos, in-depth project-planning helps, and lots of great ideas that will build any student’s confidence.

What’s included?

  • Clear, specific instructions to walk you through each process step-by-step and set you up for success
  • A 15-minute podcast by April Perry in each section, plus a BONUS podcast with April and her two girls, who will share how implementing this program has benefited their own schoolwork experience
  • Dozens of helpful photos
  • Printable assignment sheets for each section–including simple supplies you’ll want to buy, set-up tips, and habits to develop
  • Six printable templates you and your children can use to organize your tasks and projects
  • A weekly planning instruction sheet your upper-grade children can follow as they start the habit of getting organized each week.
  • A 30-day money back guarantee.  If you try out the kit and it’s not quite right for you, that’s okay!  We’ll refund your money 100%–no questions asked.

How much?

This entire program is available for just 16.50.  Those who’ve used this system say they’d pay hundreds of dollars for the help it’s offered to their families.

As parents, we play critical roles in setting up our children for success in school and beyond.  Our goal is to help you eliminate the stress that often accompanies this process.  You may have had struggles with your children who have forgotten/purposely chosen not to do their homework or who are feeling overwhelmed with a project. Your children may have blamed you in the past for the loss of an important form or assignment sheet.

When life gets stressful and the world is on your shoulders, the last thing you need is a stack of “stuff” on your counter.  If you feel a groan start inside you whenever you hear the unzipping of a backpack, this is the program for you.

We’ve based this whole process on our enormously successful Mind Organization for Moms program, with principles from the best-selling book Getting Things Done, and it works.

With the help of this program, your children will know what they need to do, they will know how to move forward without feeling overwhelmed, and they will sleep peacefully at night–knowing they are totally on top of their responsibilities.

Start the Organizing for School Success experience today. We know you’ll love it.