The key to less stress and more joy.

Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M.) is a mom-specific adaptation of David Allen’s best-seller, Getting Things Done®, designed to help you accomplish your most important tasks so you can fully enjoy your family.

In our simple online program, we’ll show you how to clear your counter of “the pile,” organize projects without the stress, set up an effective Weekly Review system, and keep up with the never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and papers (yes, it’s possible!).

Original M.O.M. Program: $50

Premium Program: $75

The Original M.O.M. Program includes the following:

  • An Instant Download of the Mind Organization for Moms eBook–available in a short form (printable version) and a long form (full of photos, case studies, and all the details you’ll need to get your organizational system set up).
  • An Expandable, Online Version of the eBook, which combines the short and long versions with a slick open/close feature for each section–allowing you to tailor your online reading experience with plenty of additional examples and visual aids.
  • A full Video Tutorial where you can actually hear and see how the program works.
  • Access to additional powerful resources,like a video tour of April’s paper planner, processing videos to help you empty your inbox, a tutorial on setting up your project cubbies, and a special Excel spreadsheet that you can customize to get your cleaning routines in place.

The Premium Program includes this:

  • Everything listed above from the Basic M.O.M. Program.
  • M.O.M. in Two Weeks, which is powerful step-by-step coaching that helps you implement this life-changing program in JUST TWO WEEKS. Click the green bar below for more details.

More Details on the Premium Package (clickable)

Would you like to have your papers, ideas, emails, and projects totally organized in just TWO WEEKS?

We’ll help you create a beautiful, organized set-up–like this one by Kelli Connell.

I think I can hear you shouting “YES!” over that pile of papers on your kitchen counter.

As busy mothers, we want to live in the moment, go to sleep without worries on our minds, and feel in control of all the “stuff” cluttering our counter tops, desks, refrigerators, and brains.

This program brings the relief you’ve been craving.

I love it! The videos are fabulous. I spent some time today just previewing each of the assignments and watching the videos. I truly believe I can make this work after hearing you tell me so many times. I’ve always struggled with establishing routines and coming up with a system to handle everything that comes my way, so I’m just so grateful to have a plan that I know will work for me that I didn’t have to think up! Going on three days with an empty inbox, and I’ve been building the machine tonight and will continue tomorrow. I’m really feeling like I can physically breathe easier, and I’m so grateful that I’ll be able to get my act together so I can be a better partner to my husband and mom to my kids. What a gift. Thank you. -Macy Robison


I feel as if this program is an answer to prayer because I’ve known what needs to happen in my life, and this program has shown me the HOW to get me there.  It’s awesome, and I’m SO grateful to you for a great program and wonderful giveaway. Thanks again for EVERYTHING: an incredible program/organizational system, the new lease on life you’ve guided me to feeling, for you women living your purpose and accomplishing the important missions you were sent to do, and for an incredible website to support moms in the most important job in the world! -Kristin Baker


April, I just wanted to thank you for producing Mind Organization for Moms. My husband bought the full program for me for my birthday. I had read David Allen’s book and was incredibly impressed, but was a bit overwhelmed and never fully implemented the program. Your “baby steps” are helping me tackle this in easy, manageable bites, and it’s already changing my life. I’ve only completed the first two assignments, but already I feel more in control of my time than I ever have in my entire life. It’s incredibly satisfying dragging my email into those tidy little folders. I don’t dread checking my inbox anymore! I love the podcasts that go along with the assignments. You are an outstanding coach. There is something incredibly comforting about your voice. It actually makes me a bit choked up sometimes to listen to you, because I feel like there’s someone nurturing me along in this incredibly difficult and precious journey of motherhood. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You’re changing my life and you’re changing my family.  -Kara

How does this program work?

Once you purchase this premium package, you decide on your “Two-Week Start Date” and then receive emails every couple days giving you bite-sized assignments–complete with hand-holding podcasts, videos, and worksheets that will totally walk you through the full M.O.M. program.

In just two weeks, you’ll have this system down and will feel more powerful and peaceful than ever before! (If you would like to purchase the Basic M.O.M. Program first, this two-week coaching program is available as an add-on for $29.)

Want to see a sample assignment page?

This image below shows you one of eight assignments. You can see the brief introduction, videos and podcasts, expandable sections, worksheets, and links to additional resources. (What’s not shown is all the encouragement that goes along with this. You will have effectively hired us as your personal coach and cheerleader to get you to where you need to be.)

It’s going to take some work on your part–please don’t think that buying this program will solve all your problems for you (you know those ones that are keeping you up at night?). But we’ll give you the tools you need to solve your own problems, and we’ll put you in a beautiful spot where you’ll finally be able to be in the moment with the family you love (instead of constantly worrying about emails, errands, projects, and commitments you’ve got on that full plate of yours. We know how it goes, and don’t worry–we’ll take care of you).

What specific subjects are covered?

Here are the basic assignments you’ll receive by email every couple of days:

  • Day 1: Start out by carving out some time in your schedule and zeroing out your email inbox.
  • Day 3: Read through the M.O.M. Overview and collect your materials.
  • Day 5: Build your “M.O.M. Machine” (which basically means you label/arrange all the “parts” into a “whole”).
  • Day 7: Gather all the “stuff” from your physical environment and from your mind–and print a couple of visual aides to help you in the next step.
  • Day 9: Learn all about Next Actions–and start processing.
  • Day 11: Keep on going through that pile, but don’t worry! We’re giving you new ideas, motivation, and tools through the whole thing.
  • Day 13: Finish up the processing–and then learn how to dream big (because dreaming will seem perfectly natural once you’ve gotten your mind organized).
  • Day 14: This will be the “first day of the rest of your life”–supported by great habits that will keep your mind organized from this point forward.

(You can click the image above to make it larger.)

What if something comes up during my two weeks?

If your family life gets extra crazy, or if you get the stomach flu, or if you suddenly feel the need to eat a lot of chocolate and watch your favorite TV shows instead of organizing papers (we’ve been there), we’ve built in a way for you to take a break and jump right back in when you’re ready. All the assignments will be linked to your “Mind Organization in Two Weeks Homepage,” so you can either go back to review as needed, or you can zip ahead when you’re ready.

We’ve even given you the option of restarting the email series (but seriously, this is for an emergency only . . . you need your mind organized, and we know you’re committed to doing it in two weeks, or you wouldn’t have read this far down the page). There’s no stress if this takes you a bit longer, but we’re setting the bar high.

Here’s a little bit about me . . .

My name is April Perry, and I am a co-director of Power of Moms. I have four children, 13 and under, and our lives are hopping–just like yours.

You can read about us on our family blog, if you’d like.

Or you can read some of my guest posts on David Allen’s GTD Times Blog here.

I’ve been an avid organizer since I was 13, but I could never find “the system” that sealed all the cracks. And once I became a mother, I honestly wondered if I would ever be able to think straight again. Children don’t respond to “A-B-C, 1-2-3″ lists, and they don’t understand deadlines or pressing tasks. (Can you feel my pain?)

A few years ago, in a stroke of serendipity, my Power of Moms partner, Saren, told me about a book called Getting Things Done®, and I inhaled it. Within two weeks of implementing its system, I was a new woman.

We’d love to have you join us at a Retreat! (Photo by Shawni Pothier)

I started playing soccer in the backyard with my son–because I wasn’t in the kitchen, leaning over my to-do list with a grimace on my face. I started listening to my daughters talk about their school experiences, and I realized I hadn’t been listening before. I began to manage my current projects with ease, and I even had the “brain space” to take on some new projects. Every day, I surprised myself with how well things were going and how relaxed I felt.

This program works. That’s why I’m so excited to share it. That’s why my then-two-year-old watched a whole lot of Dora while I put it together. That’s why I’m taking a few weekends away from my family each year to teach Mind Organization for Moms at our Power of Moms Retreats. With Mind Organization for Moms, you will succeed. You will feel calm. You will smile. You’ll have a little skip in your step.

For a sampling of some of the powerful material included, I’ve also put together a fun Mind Sweep exercise for you. Ready to take the test and see how many ideas, tasks, and projects are taking up space in your mind? Here you go!

Want to know what moms are saying about M.O.M.?

We get a consistent stream of testimonials from mothers who absolutely love this program.

Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much this program has changed my life. I have so much more time now and tons more room in my head. I don’t know how I functioned before–seriously!! I can actually focus on my kids and have actual quality time with them. I’m even getting things done that I’ve put off forever because I was “too busy”. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into M.O.M.! I want to shout it from the rooftops. -Shantelle
Using this system has changed my life! I have lost the feeling of always being a bit overwhelmed. I tackle projects with more confidence and have a feeling of peace about email, paperwork, and my weekly schedule. I have completely lost that nagging feeling of not being on top of things. This was a complete surprise to me! I felt like before using this system I was a fairly organized person. But I had a constant feeling of underlying stress about keeping on top of email and the demands in my life. Now I feel like I have a plan for the constant flow of papers and responsibilities that come with managing a busy family. I am working toward being more present with my children. And I have so much less stress than before. I actually often feel like I don’t have much stress at all anymore. This was something I never considered as a possibility before. Mind Organization for Moms changed all of that for me. – Julia Jacobsen

Click here to read more quotes from moms whose lives have been changed.

How do I get started?

(1) Sign up below for the Original M.O.M. or the Premium Program.

(2) If you buy the Original M.O.M. Program for $50 (adding the M.O.M. in Two Weeks later, if you’d like), you’ll be directed to a Mind Organization for Moms homepage that features your PDFs, video training, and additional M.O.M. Articles.

(3) If you buy the Premium Program for $75 (or the Mind Organization in Two Weeks Add-On for $29–for those who already have the full program), you’ll be directed to the “Mind Organization in Two Weeks” page where you’ll sign up for special coaching emails.

You can start today with Assignment #1. Or you can wait and start any other day you’d like.

Everything is spelled out simply, and you’ll love the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you get that first small assignment done! Then every couple of days, you’ll receive a new assignment by email, and after two weeks of some serious (but not stressful) focus on the assignments, you’ll be living in an organized heaven, full of quick, consistent, simple wins.

(4) We also offer a no-questions-asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if this program doesn’t meet your highest expectations.

You might also like to know that Power of Moms has a unique Payment Philosophy that enables every mother to have access to our programs. So really, there’s no reason why you can’t have that organized life you deserve.

Join us! Let us be your virtual coach. Because once you’ve implemented this program, your mind (and therefore your entire life) is going to feel incredible.

Once you make your purchase, your M.O.M. program will be accessible online whenever you log in to Power of Moms (simply click on “Go to My Programs” at the top of the page after you log in).

Your organized life is calling….

* We are committed to helping every mother have access to all the resources on our site that she needs. If you happen to be in a difficult financial situation, please review our payment philosophy and submit a quick and easy request. We’ll be more than happy to help.

**And if you’re interested in featuring M.O.M. on your blog as a giveaway, please email and we’ll provide one copy of the program for you to try out and another copy to give away on your blog (see an example here and here).

***GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Mind Organization for Moms is my personal interpretation of David Allen’s work and is not affiliated with the David Allen Company.