Teaching moments for you and our child. www.powerofmoms.com

Stiff Laundry, Soft Lessons

How can we restore family harmony in the face of discord? Melissa Carter shares what one experience taught her about family relationships, daily tasks, and mothering instincts.

A hopeful message for those struggling with eating disorders. www.powerofmoms.com

The Surprising Way I Confronted My Eating Disorder

I finally admitted that I had an eating disorder when I was an overwhelmed new mom. As part of my counseling, I participated in “narrative therapy” and was asked to embody my eating disorder as a character in a story. The result was eye-opening and powerful.


What Our Brand New Website Can Do for YOU

Have you noticed the new website design that takes our website to a whole new level of design and functionality? Please join us for a brief tour that will show you how this website can be an even greater source of strength to your whole family.


One Moment for Which We Must Be Prepared

We make sure we’re prepared for work, school, holidays, meal time, and photo opportunities. But are we truly prepared for the critical MOMENTS? Here’s one that I’m convinced is simply not an option.

With journals, you just have to start where you are. www.powerofmoms.com

When the Writing Stopped

As I look through the pages of our Family Journal, I feel some grief over the lost time and the gaps between entries, but I have to put the lost months and time behind me and be okay with starting again, right where we are at.

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Book Summary: The End of Absence

This book isn’t meant to be a prescription with 10 easy steps to living a healthy digital life; it is more of a meditation of both life before and after the Internet, and the very real consequences that come from each of us literally having the Internet in the palms of our hands.