work and moneyWant to raise hard-working children who are savvy about money?

Our children are bombarded by entitlement in today’s world. To our kids, it seems like everyone else has the latest iPhone, the trendiest clothes, and every computer game under the sun – and that no one else has to clean their room or help with the dishes.

In this environment, how do we help our children learn the value of a dollar and gain a healthy work ethic?

Through a 1-hour webinar packed with tried-and-true ideas (by Power of Moms Founders, April and Saren), along with a series of step-by-step discussion guides, worksheets, videos and podcasts, this program will guide you through the process of creating your own unique family economic system that will teach your children what you want them to know about work and money.

work and moneyIncluded in this instantly-accessible online program are the materials you need to:

  • Decide what principles regarding work and money you feel are most important to teach your kids
  • Determine what you’ll pay for and what your children should plan to pay for (while they’re young and as they get older and leave home)
  • Provide ways for children to earn or have stewardship over money
  • Determine what housework/family work children should be responsible for
  • Learn to make housework fun and meaningful
  • Help your children learn to spend and save wisely

This program is ideal for families with children ages 3-16 but the principles taught are applicable to parenting children of all ages.

What are people saying about this program? (clickable)

After watching the webinar together and starting on the worksheets, my husband turned to me and said, “I’m pretty sure this family economy thing is going to save us thousands of dollars in bailing our kids out of stuff down the road.” We’re excited to get our kids on a path towards fiscally responsible adulthood – while helping them be a lot more responsible about doing the things they really should be doing every day as far as homework and housework and practicing.

– Jill Matthews, mom of 3 children ages 5 to 12


I love how this program walks you through each step involved in setting up a system that works uniquely for your own family. Our own system is working beautifully and it’s based entirely on the principles taught by this program. You can read more about our system in this blog post of mine: A Money System that Works.

– Shawni Pothier, mom of 5 children ages 5-15 and blogger at

This program covers all the things you need to set up your own family economy. It is designed to be flexible and easy to change as situations change and your children grow.  It is clearly labeled, easy to follow, and quite frankly, fun! I love how this program works for all learning styles – whether you like to read an article, listen to a webinar, or watch a video, it’s all there. This program is something I think all mothers should have in their “toolbox.”

– Mary Jenkins, mom of 2 children ages 3-6


I realized a few years ago that I really wanted and needed to teach my kids about financial responsibility and help them be an integral part of how our home functions.  So I set up charts to help them accomplish their goals each day and week which helped – somewhat. But the principles taught in this full-fledged money and work program are what REALLY changed things in our home. I have watched my kids develop ownership over their responsibilities instead of feeling like I was nagging them to get their jobs done.  And by earning money for clothing and saving money for college and the future, they are beginning to sense the real value of that money and hard work.  

I love how this Work and Money program has helped us think through what we really want to teach our kids about work and money and then actually teach those principles through making it clear to them what they need to pay for, how they can earn money for those things, what household chores they are responsible for, etc.  The webinar, videos, articles, worksheets and charts included in this program offer an invaluable guide to help us form a family economy.  My kids have really thrived under this system, and it has helped us work together as a team in our home.  My children are really learning how to work hard and be financially prepared for their future.

– Julia Jacobsen, mother of five children ages 7-17


This is a great program for teaching your children about how the real world works financially. My children are grown now and on their own and I wish I had incorporated this fiscal wisdom into my parenting.  This program is simple, direct, and easy to use with kids from an early enough age so they aren’t fighting it, but embracing it!

– Anna Jenkins, mother and grandmother

* Many of the ideas in this program are courtesy of Richard and Linda Eyre, NYTimes bestselling authors and parents of Power of Moms C0-Founder, Saren. Included with the program is a bonus one-hour webinar featuring Richard and Linda talking about their recent book, The Entitlement Trap.


Price: $30

According to one dad, “This program is going to save us thousands of dollars when our children are hard-working, financially responsible adults who won’t be coming to us for money!”
(Scroll down to learn about how you can purchase this program as part of our “Family Systems Builder Package.”)
As with all our programs, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If this program isn’t particularly helpful for your family, just let us know!

Family Systems Builder Package

Attachment-1 (4)To build your family’s economic system alongside a strong family discipline system and a great family culture, you can purchase the Work and Money Program as part of our “Family Systems Builder Package.”

This package includes:

  • The Teaching Kids About Work and Money Program outlined above
  • Building your Family’s Discipline System (includes a 1-hour webinar and worksheets to help you create an environment in your home where children want to behave in positive ways and decide on laws and consequences that will really work for your family)
  • Creating a Family Culture Stronger than Peer Culture (includes a 1-hour webinar and worksheets to help you craft your family identity and create meaningful traditions the build relationships and foster a strong sense of belonging and connection)


Regular Price: $67
(As with all our programs, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If this program doesn’t work for you, just let us know!)