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At Power of Moms, we want you to thrive.

And part of that thriving involves moving forward on those overwhelming projects you have on your list. (We know how it feels to freeze up when you look at piles of things that need your attention…)

Based on our popular GTD-based organization program, this complimentary webinar will teach you powerful concepts to take you from “unmotivated and exhausted” to “absolutely elated.”

We recorded the webinar on Thursday, October 3rd, and now the link of the recording is available for you to view:

Click here to be redirected to for the webinar recording, “How to Make Big Fat Projects Feel Easy.”

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Synopsis: We’re guessing that you are pushing off one or more stressful tasks right now.  Maybe your garage The voice in your head (quote)is a mess or you need to find a job.  Perhaps you have piles of toys in your living room that need to be organized–or a huge collection of digital photos.  Some of you may have a goal you’re desperate to work on (like writing a book or running a marathon), but you feel so overwhelmed with your everyday life as a mom that you don’t even know how to get started.

That’s where the tools in this webinar come in.

We (April and Saren) are busy moms–just like you–and we know how hard it is to move forward when we’re in the midst of family life.  We are still certainly human, but over the past 13 years of motherhood, we’ve learned some strategies that work beautifully, and now we want to share them.  In this webinar, we’ll help you look at all the things you have to do and then figure out how to move forward.  No stress.  No paralysis.  (And it’s totally doable.)

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