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Image by Christ Lutheran Church-Charlotte / www.flickr.com

Image by Christ Lutheran Church-Charlotte / www.flickr.com

Service is one of the most meaningful things we can do with our children.

Could your family use some new ideas for reaching out to others?

Check out the great ideas our members have submitted for making service part of your family traditions.

3 Steps to Starting a "Children for Children" Holiday Tradition

3 Steps to Starting a “Children for Children” Holiday Tradition

Saren shares simple, tried-and-true ideas for how your children can help children in need during the holidays.
6 Steps to Making Family Service a Success

6 Steps to Making Family Service a Success

As we get into the holidays, many families are looking for service opportunities. Chantelle Adams regularly does service with her family and has some simple ideas to help you engage in meaningful service activities as a family. Decide on a need.  Take a look around you, read the newspapers, be aware of things that are...
Keeping that Christmas Feeling

Keeping that Christmas Feeling

Last January, I set a goal to do some sort of community service each month for 2012. We didn’t. But we did do five more acts of community service than we had ever done before. So that’s success right? And now, for 2013, I'm trying again.
Donate to the Japan Earthquake/Pacific Tsunami Disaster Relief

Donate to the Japan Earthquake/Pacific Tsunami Disaster Relief

Help the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami! Any time a crisis occurs in the world, it is so important to share these events with our children so they understand the needs around us. You may consider searching for appropriate videos online so they understand all that has happened. Discuss the event with them and...
Seeing Need - Episode 4

Seeing Need – Episode 4

Hello! I’m Alia, April Perry’s daughter.  In this podcast, we will be talking about Seeing Need. My sister (Grace), my mom (April), and I will explain the basic things about it. Seeing Need is VERY simple.  All you need is somewhere to record points, ways to receive the points, and fun rewards from the points....

Me To We Day 2010: Check it out and get inspired!

We Day 2010 is…   Created by Free The Children to celebrate the power of young people to create positive change, We Day is a day-long event that ignites a year-long program for change, called We Schools in Action. In cities across Canada, the event brings inspirational speeches and performances to young leaders. Students then...

Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Kids Get Involved to Make a Difference

  It is so important to let our kids experience the joy of helping another.  There is no better way to strengthen compassion, responsibility and respect in our children then to get them involved in service.  There are many worthy causes to help, but I wanted to provide you with some creative ways to have...
Summer Family Volunteering Ideas

Summer Family Volunteering Ideas

Summer time is the perfect opportunity to do fun service projects as a family.  I have focused mostly on local ideas in the Monthly Make a Difference Challenge, but there are so many other amazing ideas and organizations that are making a difference around the world which you can get involved in. I received an...
Making True Friends in a Nursing Home

Making True Friends in a Nursing Home

One day a year or so ago, my 11-year-old daughter Elle and her friend were bored. They had baked cookies, had a lemonade stand and had taken some good bike rides around the neighborhood. But it was a long day and new ideas for fun were coming on quite sluggishly. I gave her all the...

Helping Orphans (by Living Seven Days with “Nothing”)

There are an estimated 150 million AIDS orphans living in Africa who need support from those of us who have so much.  I hear that statistic, and my heart goes out to those who live a life that I could never even fathom for my own children, yet in the middle of the crock-pot-cooking, checkbook-balancing,...

Help Build a Well for a Village in Africa

Does anyone else feel like the commercialism of Christmas is getting completely out of control? Don’t get me wrong. I love giving gifts, and I admit, I love seeing the excitement on my kids faces when they receive the presents they’ve been eagerly anticipating. But last year, all the present giving was so far over...

Old Toys for New Toys

I have my kids choose one toy to resell at a yard sale or online. The proceeds are then taken to the store for them to pick out a toy we take to a women’s shelter.

Cards and Pictures for the Elderly

My daughter made Christmas cards (or other times of year she just draws pictures). We then go to the “old folks home” to pass them out and chat with the residents.

Soup for Your Neighbors

We have several families in our neighborhood that are struggling financially, but would never want you to know that. Lately, I have been making a big pot of soup, and then calling at 4:30 and saying “Have you made dinner yet?”  The answer is almost always “No,” because who has dinner ready by then?  Next,...

Treats for the Homeless

Put together a little bag of things like an orange, toothbrush, soap, granola bar, candy cane, etc. and drive through an area with homeless people (stay safe, though).  Jump out of the car and pass out the bags (This would work with a family with older children).

“Children for Children” Holiday Concert

  */ –> When I was growing up, one of our family’s big Christmas traditions was presenting a “Children for Children” concert. Alongside our neighborhood friends, we played piano pieces, sang songs and recited poetry at a Christmas concert and invited all our parents to come and pay admission. Then we donated all the money...

Prepare Lice Kits

Idea Submitted by Shandra Skeels According to the CDC, approximately 6-12 million lice infestations occur each year among children between the ages of 3 and 11.  Not a pleasant thought, but by helping some of these children and their families, we can help protect other children from getting lice, too. We give lice kits to the...

Sing in a Local Nursing Home

Singing at a nursing home is a simple, fun way to involve your family in service.  You can do it during the holidays or any other time of year.  Here are some tips on how to make it happen:  (1) Print out a list of all the local nursing homes, and decide which one(s) would be most...