Want to be part of a Learning Circle but don’t feel ready to start your own? Worried about the logistics of getting out of your house for a monthly meeting?

We get many requests from moms who really want to be part of a Learning Circle but can’t find an existing group that will work for them.  So we’ve created some “virtual Learning Circles” to offer more moms the wonderful experience of Learning Circle participation.

A Virtual Learning Circle involves:

  • reading the short but powerful monthly article we provide (based on the Power of the Month)
  • participating in a 1-hour discussion via conference call at a regular time each month

One of our excellent certified Power of Moms trainers leads each group, sending out reminders and instructions for getting on the monthly calls, facilitating discussions, and encouraging group members to share their ideas and successes with each other as they work on the monthly assignments provided. Your group will start out as strangers, but you’ll quickly become cherished friends.

How to Participate:

To participate, simply choose the regular monthly day and time that would work best for you from the choices below (scroll down to see all options) and sign up for that group. You’ll need to pay just $20 for a year of participation (includes the monthly articles and discussion questions as well as facilitation by your leader). One you’ve registered, you’ll receive a monthly email from your group leader with a link to your article for the month, a reminder of the date and time, and a phone number you’ll call when it’s time for your discussion.

As well as all the benefits of participation in the monthly virtual Learning Circle discussions, you’ll love sharing your progress on your monthly Learning Circle assignments as well as your mothering ideas and questions with your circle via email throughout the month. Your group can become a fabulous source of support, learning and fun.

Groups will be limited to 8 participants so once a group is full, we’ll remove its registration option but you can still contact the group leader in case someone drops out and there is room for you.

We are committed to helping every mother have access to all the resources on our site that she needs. If you happen to be in a difficult financial situation, please review our payment philosophy and submit a quick and easy request.  We’ll be more than happy to help.

*** For information on the leaders of each group, their bios are found at our Power of Moms Trainers page.

Third Thursday; 7:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Mountain

Hosted by Tenille Eyre Cundick (Utah), tenille.cundick@powerofmoms.com

First Tuesday; 7:30pm Pacific, 8:30 Mountain

Hosted by Bliss Allen (California), bliss.allen@powerofmoms.com

Second Wednesday; 8:00pm Pacific, 9:00 Mountain

Hosted by Adele Fedorak, adele.fedorak@powerofmoms.com (Canada – both Canadians and Americans welcome – the conference call phone number is a US number so some additional fees may apply for Canadians based on their phone plan)

Third Wednesday; 7:30 Pacific, 8:30 Mountain

Hosted by Jenn Nelson and Danielle Monson (Arizona and Utah), danielle.monson@powerofmoms.com

Third Wednesday Virtual Learning Circle

Please fill our your information below. Upon payment, you'll have access to all the Learning Circle materials for the year. You Learning Circle leader will email you in advance of your scheduled call each month to remind you and give you instructions on calling in for your virtual meeting. Enjoy!
  • Price: $20.00