Learning Circle Topics

Learning Circle topics for each month are based on the Power of the Month.  While we offer many wonderful articles on the Power of the Month to all website visitors, the Learning Circle articles are reserved only for Learning Circle Members.  These articles are a little longer and more in-depth and offer great examples, stories, practical ideas, discussion questions and group assignments.

Following is the list of topics including one sample article.  Click on the June article to see the way we format the articles for easy printing and check out the discussion questions and assignment ideas included at the end of the article.

January:  The Power of Acceptance

February:  The Power of Love

March:  The Power of Patience

April:  The Power of Individuality

May:  The Power of Intention

June: The Power of Progress

Underneath the thousands of things you have to do or should do are the things that you were meant to do.  This powerful meeting will help you stop underestimating your own power and enable you to really move towards your dreams in your personal and family life.

Defying Gravity

July:  The Power of Balance

August:  The Power of Priorities

September:  The Power of Organization

October:  The Power of Fun

November:  The Power of Optimism (and Gratitude)

December:  The Power of Moments