NYTimes best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker, Linda Eyre, and her three daughters, Saren (mother of 5, co-founder and co-director of  The Power of Moms), Shawni (mother of 5, founder of the acclaimed motherhood blog, 71 Toes, and National Young Mother of the Year), and Saydi (mother of 4, social worker, professional photographer and blogger at BostonShumways) spend a lot of time talking together about motherhood.

Would you like to listen to some of their conversations?

Linda and her daughters have put together an excellent series of podcasts featuring fun conversations full of concrete ideas.  Each is 12-15 minutes in length, perfect to listen to while you fold laundry, jog or walk, or make your commute.

Proceeds from the sale of these podcasts go to support reduced-price Power of Moms programs for mothers in need.

Price: 18 Podcasts for $20.00

Free sample podcasts:

Once you make your payment below, you’ll be able to listen to the other 16 podcasts that are part of our Deliberate Mothering Podcast Series:

Teaching our Children and Building our Families:

  • Effective Discipline – Part I (introduction)
  • Effective Discipline – Part II (specific methods)
  • Love is the Answer
  • Building a Strong Family Culture
  • Enhancing the Love in your Home
  • Creating an Effective Morning Routine
  • Expecting Enough – but not too much – of your Kids
  • Teaching Children Empathy
  • Teaching Gratitude
  • Entitlement: What Should We Let Our Children Have?
  • Teaching and Modeling Respect
Growing and Learning as Mothers:
  • Expecting Enough – but not too much – of Yourself
  • Dealing with the Hard Days
  • Striving for Contentment in Motherhood
  • Measuring our Motherhood Success
  • What I Wish I’d Known About Motherhood (includes special guests – our sisters-in-law Kristi and Anita)