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Seven Ways to Keep the Love Alive in Your Marriage

Creating a marriage that leaves you feeling twitterpated at the end of each day doesn’t happen automatically–especially when you have children, but here are seven ideas that have helped me to savor the opportunity I have to live with my Prince Charming!

What am you doing, as the mother, to shape how your children see themselves?

I See Me in Your Eyes

What we think of ourselves and how we view ourselves begins in our families. What am I doing, as the mother, to shape how my children see themselves? It is not only my voice that becomes my child’s inner voice, but mine is the first.

Book Summary: Showing Heart

Showing Heart is the emotional retelling of a family’s journey through adversity and it is full of so many great messages for mothers. It reminded me that through trials and hardship a family can grow and bond together.

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It’s Not the Playdoh I Love

The other day, my three-year-old, Spencer, asked if we could get out the Playdoh. In my mind, I was screaming, “NO! It will end up all over the kitchen. As I was about to verbalize these feelings, however, I thought a little deeper.

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Love Is Not A Feeling

I remember the first time I heard that inflammatory statement. I was a teenager attending a class with this title simply so I could prove the teacher wrong! Who did this guy think he was?! Teenagers know exactly what love is! Or at least we thought we did.


Power of Moms Pick: To the Tired Mom

“The Tired Mom”: That’s pretty much all of us, right? Overworked, under-slept, and often without recognition for the sacrifices we make. To all of us, Rachel M. Martin wrote a lovely tribute, “To the Tired Mom.”

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Peace IS Possible

How do we be calm in our hearts when our kids are crying and our minds are cluttered with worries about everything from finances to what to make for dinner to how a certain child is behaving? Saren shares important tips and includes a recent TV clip.

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What I’ve Said Today

Sometimes joy in motherhood comes in unexpected ways, such as realizing your family isn’t the only strange one! If you need a laugh, enjoy this humorous post by author Sadie McCurry, as she shares the funny phrases that have come out of her mouth.

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Book Summary: Instant Mom

With both wit and raw emotion, Nia Vardalos, writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, opens up about her 10-year struggle with infertility and her journey to becoming a mother via adoption.