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Using Our Voices: Episode 45

You have a powerful voice, and the more you use it, the stronger it will become. Join Sarah Hull and April Perry (in their minivan-sound-studio) as they encourage you to confidently and deliberately develop your own voice.

Do you have a baby who loves cupboards?

Motherhood Defies Logic

There are plenty of logical reasons why motherhood should be synonymous with “insanity.” But one secret I’ve learned over the years is that the beautiful, magnificent privilege of motherhood simply defies logic.


What Would the Trees Say?

When Tiffany was six years old, her dad took a photograph of her brother “holding up” a tree while they were vacationing in a small canyon. Some 35 years later, Tiffany and her family were in that same canyon. Remembering that photo taught Tiffany a poignant lesson about our attempts to raise our families.


When It’s Okay to Ignore Your Children (Video Included)

We’re all about looking our children in the eye, validating their feelings, and helping them feel important and heard. While I agree that it’s absolutely vital to acknowledge and validate a child’s feelings, I actually think there are times when the best thing you can do for them is to simply ignore them.

Bonding with Girls

Have you ever struggled to bond with your girl whose interests only drift further and further away from your own? Amanda Roos found a way to spend time with her daughter while doing something they both love — reading.

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Children, Happiness, and Screen Time

We all want our children to be happy. But when they perceive that their happiness is intrinsically connected to spending lots of time in front of a screen, what should we do? Join Holly Hamilton-Bleakley for great points inspired by Aristotle.

What!? Take care of me first?!

Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Without nurturing their own energy, passion, and health–and without setting limits on their own activity–women are useful to no one. Self-care is about controlling your own health and happiness. It means the people in your life receive the best of you rather than what is left of you.

How can you create space in the new year?

A Powerful Alternative to Setting Goals

I grew up thinking that the mandatory requirement of New Year’s Day was to create a long list of resolutions. So I did. And I still do. (Because it’s a habit…and because it’s fun.) But what I’ve come to learn over the past few years is that there’s an amazingly powerful process that helps me […]

String Around Finger

What We, As Mothers, Must Remember

Desperately looking for a few quiet moments to think? Is there spit up all over your last clean shirt? If we want to strengthen the next generation of mothers (and ourselves), the details of our challenges can’t be forgotten. Here are some ideas to help.


Book Summary: Simplicity Parenting

Author Kim John Payne asks if we are building our families on “the four pillars of ‘too much’: too much stuff, too many choices, too much information, and too fast.” Then he discusses four layers of simplification: 1) environment; 2) rhythm; 3) schedules; and 4) filtering out the adult world.

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Introduction to The Power of Optimisim

When I’m not feeling my best, the last thing I want to hear is that I should “look on the bright side”. It’s normal to feel down about life sometimes. But, just because we’re down, doesn’t mean we can’t learn through the Power of Optimism.