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Choosing joy on Mother's Day.

A Mother’s Day to Remember

A year ago, I was dreading Mother’s Day. But the day turned out quite differently than I had expected. Looking back, I realize it was not because of special treatment I received, but because I made a decision to find joy in the day no matter what.

What am you doing, as the mother, to shape how your children see themselves?

I See Me in Your Eyes

What we think of ourselves and how we view ourselves begins in our families. What am I doing, as the mother, to shape how my children see themselves? It is not only my voice that becomes my child’s inner voice, but mine is the first.


Losing A Mother, Gaining New Holiday Traditions

I was so busy feeling sorry for myself that I failed to see what I did have: an opportunity to create a meaningful Christmas for my own family. My friend helped me appreciate the Christmas I had instead of wishing for one that I could never have again.


Taking (some of) the Stress out of Christmas Day

I think having a totally stress-free holiday as The Mother is completely unrealistic. I don’t expect perfection, but these are a few of the strategies I’m going to employ over the next few days so that I can experience as little stress as possible on the big day.

Christmas Tree

Get Out of the Way and Let the Magic Happen

You can’t force a moment. I know this but sometimes I still try. Yesterday there were lots of not-so-good moments. The kids were cranky and needy and I worked hard all day but didn’t feel like I got much done. We were late to everything because of domino effects of dumb little things that kept […]

Forget making the perfect holiday. Enjoy Christmas WITH your family.

The Holidays: Stop, Simplify, Enjoy

As a mom, you have the opportunity to see the sparkle in your children’s eyes, so be deliberate in what you want to accomplish this season. Don’t be so overwhelmed and overscheduled that you miss it.


Three Steps to Giving the Gift of Giving

When I was growing up, my siblings and I worked hard in November and December to earn money for Christmas presents. You see, along with the joy of receiving, my parents really wanted us to fully experience the joy of GIVING at Christmastime. So from the time we were very young, we worked, earned money […]

Winter 2007 033

Advent Transformed

I’d always believed that Advent was about preparing for what lies ahead, pausing in winter darkness to welcome the light. But when we started to journey through the dark years of infertility, waiting took on a weightier meaning…[and] when I discovered the surprise, the total shock of new life fluttering deep within me, I caught a different glimmer of Advent’s waiting.

family fun jar

Family Fun Jar – A Gift That Keeps on Giving

The Family Fun Jar has become one of the most anticipated gifts our children get on Christmas Day – and it’s a gift that keeps on giving all year long. Learn about how to create your own Family Fun Jar and check out the free download offered.