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Holiday Giving Ideas – Episode 90

How do you handle holiday giving? How many gifts do you buy for others? How do you keep spending and stress under control? Join this fun conversation and share YOUR thoughts!

With journals, you just have to start where you are.

When the Writing Stopped

As I look through the pages of our Family Journal, I feel some grief over the lost time and the gaps between entries, but I have to put the lost months and time behind me and be okay with starting again, right where we are at.


Halloween at Disneyland (A Power of Moms Review)

Disney Halloween Time bring families in from all over the globe. If you’ve ever considered going, or if you’re currently planning a trip, this post by April (a former Disney Cast Member) is a great place to start!


Live Like a Tourist

if you’re feeling a little stale these days and not at all like the fun mom you used to be or thought you would be, maybe you just need to get out of your workplace (the home) and start living like a tourist.

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.

Keeping It Clean

Tired of begging, nagging, and threatening your kids to clean up? Read these creative suggestions from Danielle Porter to make clean-up time fun!

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Raising Global Children – Episode 67

How do we raise children who feel at home in the world? How do we create homes full of rich traditions, fun (and educational) discussions, and exciting new experiences that build character and compassion? This podcast will show you how.