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Too Busy?

Too Busy?

Why are we so busy? What good does it do? We used to rush from school and work and soccer practice to piano practice to the drive-through again for dinner to homework to collapse into bed and do the same thing the next day. I decided something had to change.
Picture Story:  Ideal vs. Real

Picture Story: Ideal vs. Real

Are we so focused on creating the perfect memory to share with our children that we miss the special daily moments? Author Bethany Struthers shares how our best mothering memories will be created from real life as we exercise some patience and shift our priorities.
The "Grandma" Version of Yourself

The “Grandma” Version of Yourself

When life gets overwhelming, sometimes it is necessary to gain a new perspective. The “grandma version” of ourselves is wise and witty and helps us to achieve the balance we need to survive the years until we do indeed become grandparents.
My Home Is A Workshop

My Home Is A Workshop

In this photo-filled post, Amanda Hamilton Roos transports us from Einstein’s desk to the workshop of our own homes.
Katrina Kenison - "Magical Journey": Episode 17

Katrina Kenison – “Magical Journey”: Episode 17

This podcast is for every mother who wants to slow down, see the value in her work, and experience true contentment (at EVERY stage of motherhood).
It's Not the Playdoh I Love

It’s Not the Playdoh I Love

The other day, my three-year-old, Spencer, asked if we could get out the Playdoh. In my mind, I was screaming, "NO! It will end up all over the kitchen. As I was about to verbalize these feelings, however, I thought a little deeper.
Barbara Walters' One Regret

Barbara Walters’ One Regret

Barbara Walters expressing regret over not having a bigger family has Allyson thinking: It might be a worthwhile exercise to take a few minutes while thinking about our New Year's Resolutions and ask ourselves, “What do I want more than anything else?”
Do Children Make Us Happy?

Do Children Make Us Happy?

A recent study explored whether or not children make us happy. What do you think? And is "happiness" the most important thing?
I Dressed Myself

I Dressed Myself

I can’t help but wonder what I am communicating when my family leaves the house. You see, my children dress themselves. Partly because that is one less thing I have to do for them, but mostly because they insist upon it. I have chosen not to fight that battle.
Book Summary: Last Child in the Woods

Book Summary: Last Child in the Woods

More than anything, this book motivated me to make time in nature a priority for my family. I hope I can instill in my children an appreciation for this beautiful earth and, by doing so, help them discover who they really are.
Six Ways to Never Take Motherhood for Granted

Six Ways to Never Take Motherhood for Granted

I definitely don't have all the answers. But I have been thinking hard about what I can do to live my life more fully. I think there are some small measures we can take every day to make sure we are not taking the important things in life for granted.
Picture Story:  Rose Petals

Picture Story: Rose Petals

Each of our children’s seasons come with challenges. We are often looking forward to the next phase of life and milestones reached. How do we as mothers step back and savor the quiet moments? Author Kristi Linton reminds us to create special memories with our children before they are gone.