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Book Summary: Good Pictures Bad Pictures (with a giveaway!)

No one likes to talk about pornography. No one wants to talk about pornography. But Jenson and Poyner’s book resolved my feelings of fear connected with this difficult subject, and replaced them with a feeling of empowerment. For the first time, I feel confident talking about pornography with my kids.

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Book Summary: The End of Absence

This book isn’t meant to be a prescription with 10 easy steps to living a healthy digital life; it is more of a meditation of both life before and after the Internet, and the very real consequences that come from each of us literally having the Internet in the palms of our hands.

Stick these leadership lessons to the roofs of your kids' mouths.

Book Summary: Peanut Butter Principles

As parents, we all wish we had been given an Owner’s Manual when we left the hospital with our first-born child, and probably each child after that–each model has it’s own unique characteristics and requires a little different approach, right? This book is packed with principles that we can teach to our children that will “stick to them like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth.”

Book Summary: A Survival Guide To Parenting Teens

Joani Geltman’s Survival Guide covers 80 known problems that parents are likely to encounter while raising teenagers. She draws on her large pool of experience to give parents short and effective, valuable, and even fun-loving solutions that will help them understand and communicate better with their teens.

Book Summary: Making Grateful Kids

I have to admit, when I first looked at this book, I thought, “What do you need to write a whole book about this for? You just teach your kids to say ‘thank you’.” But after I spent some time with the book, I realized there was a lot more to this gratitude thing.


Book Summary: Happiness is a Habit

When I first picked up this book I thought it would be all about how I need to do more, be more, add in new goals to my already busy life. What it really has done is open my eyes to just how much daily habits can make a difference in our lives, for better or for worse.