Join us at Power of Moms to learn about the best nine minutes of the day!

Best Nine Minutes: Episode 86

Thousands of mothers worldwide have loved this simple, powerful idea we call “the best nine minutes.” Join us here at Power of Moms Radio, and we’ll tell you what it’s all about!

Vision for the Week

How Can a Busy Mom Stay Focused? Episode 82

Ever feel like you move from one task to the next, but never actually get the most important things done? We’ve been there, too. Join our conversation on how to reverse this . . . even as a busy mother.


Pornography: A Totally Doable Plan for Protecting Our Kids – Episode 79

As much as we would like to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that pornography isn’t an issue, that’s simply not an option for deliberate mothers. But there’s great news! Teaching and protecting our children has never been more doable. Listen to this powerful, inspiring podcast with Kristen Jenson, author of Good Pictures […]

family in kitchen

How Housework Can Build Relationships

The word “housework” is often corrected to “drudgery,” “whining,” and “necessary evil.” But housework can actually be a fun and meaningful relationship-building activity. Saren and April share practical and simple ideas for how we can get our children effectively and positively involved in keeping up our homes.

family motto pothier

Creating a Strong Family Identity

In this episode, April and Saren offer concrete ideas to help you decide together who you want to be as a family and come up with fun family mottos, mission statements, cheers, and/or songs to help you support that vision.