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Author Archive for Christina Robert

About the Author:

Christina Robert is a first-time, single mother to a beautiful and precocious preschooler. In addition to her PhD in family social science and marriage and family therapy, she has joined the ranks of women who have advanced degrees in the field of mothering. She has discovered that book learning left her completely unprepared for the reality of day-to-day parenting and she is falling back on hands-on experience for her training. In addition to a mother, she is a researcher, educator, and most recently, a blogger. When she isn’t working or writing, she likes to bike, run, garden and spend time thinking about how to bring nature closer to her child’s world. She blogs on all aspects of life at www.singlemomontherun.com
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Eight Ways to Achieve Balance as a Single Parent

Eight Ways to Achieve Balance as a Single Parent

Are you a single parent who feels like no one is one the other side of the teeter-totter to balance you out? Join author Christina J. Robert as she shares eight strategies for all mothers to maintain balance in both their personal and family lives.
Rediscovering Myself: The Momma In Me

Rediscovering Myself: The Momma In Me

As a first time, single mother at age 41, this woman’s life was “rocked” by the birth of her little girl. She relates her journey of self actualization that brought with it some surprising new changes.