Here's Janelle's family on a recent Costco trip that was much less eventful than the one she described in this episode!

Craziness and Kindness – Episode 96

Join Saren and her friend Janelle for some good laughs as they share some of their craziest motherhood moments – and maybe a tear or two as they share some tender experiences with the kindness that can be on the flip side of the craziness.


What do you focus on?

What do you see in this photo? The beautiful flowers in the sun? Or the messy papers and dirty windows? As we look at our lives as mothers, we can CHOOSE which parts to focus on. And happiness comes from focusing on the beauty we can always find.

christmas family cropped

Deliberate Mother-Approved Gifts For Children

April and I (Co-Directors of Power of Moms) have nine children between us, ages 7 through 14. Over the years, we’ve been able to figure out a lot about what toys and games are timeless, fun, and meaningful. To help you think of great Christmas gifts for those on your list, we’ve worked together to […]

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Gratitude Photo Contest Winners

Check out the winning photographs! Thanks to all who participated in this fun and simple way to spread the joy of gratitude by posting photos of the things that fill our hearts with joy.

saren and eliza one on one

One-on-One Time With Our Children

Great relationships with our children require an investment of time and energy, and one-on-one time (though often tricky to get) is a fantastic way to build family bonds that will last. Join Saren and April as they share tried-and-true ideas for making one-on-one time effective and enjoyable.

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Organizing Our Stuff

Feeling overwhelmed by the stuff in your home? In this episode, April and Saren offer practical tips for streamlining and organizing the toys, clothes, dishes and furnishings – with the help of the whole family. Join the conversation!

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What Really Matters

In this episode, Saren talks with her parents (Richard and Linda Eyre, NYTimes #1 Bestselling Authors of parenting books) about what they feel was most important as they reflect on their 43 years of parenting their nine children.

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How Your Family Can Change the World- Episode 76

In this 30-minute episode, Saren interviews her father, New York Times #1 Bestselling Author Richard Eyre, about his latest book, The Turning: Why The State of the Family Matters and What the World Can Do About It Some of the main points addressed in this interview: There are many outside forces undermining strong families in […]