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Author Archive for Rachel Sullivan

About the Author:

I have three children who are charming and delightful when I've had enough sleep and an occasional bit of personal time. I enjoy playing with my children, snuggling with my husband, playing the piano, working on crafts, and singing top voice into the microphone key chain I keep in my purse. (Fortunately, my children are too young to express much consternation at my behavior.) Life has been more deep and joyful for me since losing an eye to cancer a few years ago. I write about the beauties of motherhood and my one-eyed adventures at monocularmom.blogspot.com.Musings of A Monocular Mom
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Spiritual Sundays: A Price Worth Paying

Spiritual Sundays: A Price Worth Paying

Before I became a mother, I viewed myself as a reasonably intelligent and capable person. That idea changed quickly when my son was born.
You Don't Have to Like It

You Don’t Have to Like It

"Life and motherhood occasionally present us with circumstances that are trying, but misery is optional.” Rachel Sullivan shares her story of peace and growth after loosing an eye to cancer and through the struggles of motherhood.
Picture Story: Take a Deep Breath and Remember

Picture Story: Take a Deep Breath and Remember

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? Are you feeling a little grumpy with your children? See how this mom turned around a case of the morning blues and had everyone laughing in the end.
What Are You Doing This Friday?

What Are You Doing This Friday?

Do you ever worry about the influence friends will have in your children’s lives? Rachel Sullivan shares cheap and inspiring ideas on how to keep the family tight and the fun alive with Family Fun Night!