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Author Archive for Ruthie Gray

About the Author:

Born and raised in West Virginia (Go, Mountaineers!), I've been married to my funny, smart guy for 25 years. I have four crazy children, ranging in ages 16-23, and enjoy their many life changes taking place - from graduations, to our first wedding this summer! I know you will think me deranged, but the teen years have actually been my favorite, and I enjoy conversing with other moms on this challenging, yet rewarding part of life. With four teens/young adults going all different directions and a hubby that travels regularly, our lives are never boring, and you can check out our family escapades over at LiveLaughLove - there's usually a new surprise just around the bend! One thing I've learned in this journey called life is to lean on the Lord and follow hard after Him, because life is not always easy and I seem to learn my lessons the hard way! God is ABLE and willing to help you, dear one - seek Him and let Him guide you through your daily "Mom Maze". There is hope - He will direct your paths!
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How Any Mom Can Adjust Her Family's Chaotic Schedule

How Any Mom Can Adjust Her Family’s Chaotic Schedule

Have you ever had a deep inner desire to take control of your out-of-control life and make it simpler? I did!
With Love From My Kids

With Love From My Kids

Do you ever wonder if all your work is paying off? “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! My kids had given sacrificially and unselfishly so that we could have something nice...They demonstrated back to us what we’d been showing them for years.” This mom shares a gift she will not easily forget.
Spiritual Sundays: Phases of Life and Perspective Gained

Spiritual Sundays: Phases of Life and Perspective Gained

My last two babies are licensed teenage drivers. The eldest of my four children is set to marry in June and my college-age son is batting around career ideas. I'm trying to figure out what happened to all those little kids who used to run around and drive me crazy?