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Author Archive for Melissa Kelly

About the Author:

Melissa Kelly is the mom to six great kids. She is living her dream life even though it is full of spilled milk, broken vases, temper tantrums,  sleepless nights, and crayon drawings on the wall. The peals of laughter, sparkling eyes of childlike joy, and snuggling a sleeping baby makes it all worthwhile! Melissa is a full-time mom who educates her kids at home, drives to soccer, basketball, baseball, and swimming, loves Cub Scouts and doing laundry. When she has some time to herself, she loves reading, quilting, gardening, painting, blogging, and re-modeling projects. Melissa is the wife of Ryan, the one who makes her life as a mom possible. The only way she maintains a family of eight is because of him! Mom By Choice.
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Spiritual Sundays: Be Really Good at Being You

Spiritual Sundays: Be Really Good at Being You

Why am I always noticing what other mom's look like? Do you ever envy the “supermom” next door? Well, it is time to stop! You are amazing. You are the only you that will ever be, and YOU are here to find out why!


I love schedules. I love making them, I love writing them, and I love checking things off of them. When you have a big family, things have to be written down to get done! I think it is because our active brain capacity is maxed out after the second child. Once you have to maintain...