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Pursuit of the Perfect Plan

Here is how it happens to me. I read a book, talk to a friend, or see a parenting show on TV, and suddenly I’m sure I have the solution to all my problems. I’m always looking for the “perfect plan.” If you guessed that I’m still looking, you’re right.

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Small and Simple Things

Because I suffer from depression, optimism doesn’t come easily for me. I’m always searching for ways to keep myself happy so I can focus on raising my children. I’ve found a few simple things that, if done daily, help me to stay optimistic.

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Quitting Time

Before I became a mother, my favorite time of day was quitting time—that most beautiful of hours when I could put everything away, lock the doors, shuck the worries of the office, and head home. I miss that time now that I am a mother because motherhood is a job that never ends.