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Author Archive for Jordan McCollum

About the Author:

Jordan McCollum has three children, knows three languages and plays three instruments--and she'd like to add more to all of those counts someday. When she isn't raising her children and running her household, Jordan writes about finding fulfillment in motherhood at MamaBlogga as well as award-winning fiction. A native of North Carolina, she makes her home with her family in Utah Valley.
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Baking It 'Til We Make It

Baking It ‘Til We Make It

It never fails: somewhere between the sugar and the butter, I begin to question my choice. It's been yet another crazy day and was roping my small children into making cookies really the best way to combat the mess?
The Work of Motherhood

The Work of Motherhood

When my first child was about six months old, I realized that every day I set him down to play while I ran around to get things done. One of my repeated phrases was, “Okay, I’m just going to do (a list of six things), and then I’ll play with you.”
Doing It All

Doing It All

I’m always impressed by the women around me who take the time to care for their families and others around them; women who seem to always be thinking of others and providing for them; women with full, busy lives, helping to lift up hands that hang down. Somehow, these are the same women who worry...
Holding Onto Magic

Holding Onto Magic

My mom always knew how to bring our family together to enjoy ourselves. We have a number of traditions to help us remember the fun times, big and small. And, now I know how to hold on to the magic.