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Author Archive for Keetah Dodson

About the Author:

Keetah Dodson is a full-time Iowa mom, wife and manager at the local utility company. She is mom to Michael, Kiona, Gabriel, and Marissa, all of whom are just like her and nothing like her at the very same time. She takes the job of raising healthy children into healthy adults very seriously. She enjoys unwinding in the kitchen with children on step stools and chairs. She believes in the power of volunteering and lives that example as a family as much as possible. Her grown-up time outside of utility work is spent reading and discussing books with a wonderful circle of girlfriends. She is blessed beyond belief, and tries not to dwell on every perfection-failure, and to look at the beautiful family growing in front of her eyes.
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Staying Organized is a Family Affair

Staying Organized is a Family Affair

As the mother in our house, I had control over the schedule. I was successful at this motherly duty and everyone arrived where they were supposed to be and with what they needed. That was until last Fall, when our family decided to come up with a plan to eliminate debt.
Spiritual Sundays: My Helper in Time of Need

Spiritual Sundays: My Helper in Time of Need

Editor’s Note: The Power of Moms is a website for mothers of all religions (and for mothers who are not necessarily religious). Each Sunday, we post a spiritual essay, and we would love to gather a wide variety of perspectives and ideas. ¬†Our goal is to be respectful of all beliefs while simultaneously offering opportunities...