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Author Archive for Katie Wetherbee

About the Author:

Katie Wetherbee is the Director of Education at Key Ministry, an organization that provides free training and resources to help churches understand and include children with special needs. Katie and her husband, Tom, live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with their two teenagers and a quirky mutt named Mitzie. She blogs at Diving for Pearls.
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Joy or "Just Wait"?

Joy or “Just Wait”?

As I wait at Target, I notice a young couple with a newborn in line behind me. Another lady in line asks. “Is this your first?” They nod proudly. ”Just wait…” she snorts, and then follows with a comment about unruly teenagers. We seem to live in a country overrun by a great lot...
Autism Awareness: Are We Speaking the Same Language?

Autism Awareness: Are We Speaking the Same Language?

Autism Awareness Month came into full bloom for me today while I was observing a student in a fourth grade classroom. As I entered the building, I noticed that the bulletin board prominently placed in the entryway read “AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH” in large letters. “Nice touch,” I thought to myself as I headed to the school office. I...