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Author Archive for Kendra Johnston

About the Author:

Kendra loves chocolate chip cookies. She hates bananas. She thrives on long talks about real life with good friends. Life is most perfect when she is cuddling her kids (or husband!). She is energized by a good dance party. She stays sane by running and she currently mothers her 3 little kiddos full-time. In a previous life she graduated from BYU and worked as a labor & delivery nurse. She lives in Missouri.
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Merit Badges of Motherhood

Merit Badges of Motherhood

Have you ever seen a Boy Scout proudly displaying all of the merit badges he has earned? Do you ever feel like we should earn merit badges for all of the amazing feats we accomplish as mothers?
Invisible Growth

Invisible Growth

Ever feel stagnant? Frustrated that you are constantly running...but never making the progress that you dream of? Give yourself some credit. Maybe you are growing--it's just invisible.