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Author Archive for Emily Allen

About the Author:

Emily is mother to four children--two boys and two girls. She also runs a very small CPA firm from home. She loves that she is able to spend her days at home with her kids. Her favorite parts of being a mom are baking with the kids and playing outside when the weather is nice. Her least favorite part is trying to keep the house clean. When Emily grows up, she wants to be a writer, or maybe a ballerina.
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How I Plan to Stop Dieting and Be Healthier

How I Plan to Stop Dieting and Be Healthier

A couple weeks ago I realized that my opinion of my body has almost nothing to do with how it looks and almost everything to do with how I am treating it. Here’s my simple plan for a healthier lifestyle as opposed to a crash diet over the summer.
I Dressed Myself

I Dressed Myself

I can’t help but wonder what I am communicating when my family leaves the house. You see, my children dress themselves. Partly because that is one less thing I have to do for them, but mostly because they insist upon it. I have chosen not to fight that battle.
My Life is Full...Maybe a Little Too Full

My Life is Full…Maybe a Little Too Full

Many mothers find themselves “deep in the trenches” of life’s daily tasks. How do we find the optimistic view we need to move forward each day? Emily Allen, shares a small secret for remembering to have gratitude when faced with our daily mothering responsibilities.
Declaration of a Disorganized Mother

Declaration of a Disorganized Mother

The most important part of organization is finding the system that works with your strengths. Read on to learn what this mother found were the keys to her family’s organization....and sanity!